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Domain Partition: State Table

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This page lists the status of the servers on which the partition is running.

Column Display

You can show fewer or additional data points on this page by expanding Customize this table and modifying the Column Display list. Each data point displays in its own table column.

The following table lists all of the data points that you can display in columns on this page.

Name Description

The server instances that the partition is on.


The cluster, or group of WebLogic Server instances, to which this server belongs.

If set, the server will listen for cluster multicast events.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.


The WebLogic Server host computer (machine) on which a server instance runs.


The current state of a server instance.

Status of Last Action

Status information related to this task.


The health state of the server as reported by the server's self-health monitoring.

For example, the server can report if it is overloaded by too many requests, if it needs more memory resources, or if it will soon fail for other reasons.

MBean Attribute:

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