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Import a Domain Partition

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Use this page to import a partition archive into the domain. The archive was previously generated by exporting a partition.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Create New

Optional. Controls how resource group template conflicts are handled. All resource group templates used by the partition are contained in the partition archive and are imported along with the partition into the domain.

If the resource group template already exists in the domain and you do not specify Create New, then the existing resource group template is used. If you specify Create New, then a new resource group template is created using a new name.

Domain Partition Name

Optional. The name to use for the partition when it is created in the new domain. This defaults to the original name of the partition.

Full path to the Key File

Optional. The full path to a file containing a string to use as the encryption key to decrypt attributes in the partition archive.

Full path to Zip File

Required. The full path to the ZIP file that contains the domain partition you want to import.

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