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Domain Partition: Services: Store-and-Forward (SAF) Agents

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There are two sides involved in the process of storing and forwarding messages: a local sending side and a remote receiving endpoint. SAF agents are responsible for store-and-forwarding messages between these local sending and remote receiving endpoints. A SAF agent can be configured to have only sending capabilities, receiving capabilities, or both.

This page summarizes the SAF agents that have been created for this domain partition.

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Name Description

The name of this Store-and-Forward agent.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Agent Type

The type of service that this SAF agent provides. JMS requires only a Sending agent on the sending side for messages. Whereas, Web Services Reliable Messaging requires both a Sending and Receiving agent for messages.

  • Sending-only

    Configures an agent that stores messages in persistent storage, forwards messages to the receiving side, and re-transmits messages when acknowledgements do not come back in time.

  • Receiving-only

    Configures an agent that detects and eliminates duplicate messages sent by a receiving agent, and delivers messages to the final destination.

  • Both

    Configures an agent that has sending and receiving agent functionality.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Persistent Store

The persistent disk-based file store or JDBC-accessible database for the SAF agent.

If a store is not configured, the server's default store is used.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.


The scope in which this Store-and-Forward Agent is deployed.

Domain Partitions

List of domain partitions that this Store-and-Forward Agent is available.

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