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Concurrent Managed Object Templates

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This page summarizes the concurrent managed object (CMO) templates that have been defined for this domain.

WebLogic Server provides concurrency capabilities to Java EE applications by using CMO templates to make threads container-managed. You can configure CMO templates and then make them available for use by application components, such as servlets and EJBs. CMO templates are defined at the domain and or can be scoped to a partition. There are three types of CMO templates:

Column Display

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Name Description

The name that you specified when you created the CMO template.


The type of CMO template: Managed Executor Service (MES), Managed Scheduled Executor Service (MSES), or Managed Thread Factory (MTF).


The server instances or clusters where the CMO template is accessible by applications that have been deployed to these targets.


The scope in which the CMO template is targeted, either globally available to the domain or scoped to a specified partition.

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