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Script Interceptors

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A script interceptor can intercept dynamic cluster scale up or scale down operations. The script interceptor invokes arbitrary scripts before and/or after the intercepted operation to help integration with third-party systems.

While performing scaling operations, it may be necessary to involve other systems. For example, before scaling up a dynamic cluster, it may be necessary to coordinate with a virtualization manager to provision a new VM, configure a machine, etc. The script interceptor provides hooks to execute scripts before and/or after an operation which is intercepted. Scripts specified with the script interceptor configuration are executed as forked processes. If multiple steps need to be performed before and/or after an operation, there may be multiple script interceptors in the chain for each step.

Column Display

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Name Description

The alphanumeric name for this script interceptor.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Dynamic Clusters

Name of the dynamic clusters to which the script interceptor will be applicable. If none, then the script interceptor will be applicable to all dynamic clusters.

MBean Attribute:


The pre-processor script that will be executed before the execution of the intercepted operation.


The post-processor script that will be executed after the execution of the intercepted operation.


The priority of this intercepted method in the interceptor chain. An interceptor with a higher priority will be executed earlier than an interceptor with a lower priority.

Note: 1073741823 is actually Integer.MAX_VALUE / 2 as defined in InterceptorPriorities.

MBean Attribute:

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