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Resource Adapter: Configuration: General

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Use this page to view and modify general properties for this resource adapter.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Native Lib Dir

The directory where native libraries are stored.


The JNDI name of the resource adapter bean.

Access Outside App Enabled

Specifies whether this resource adapter can be accessed from outside the application.

Global Access To Classes Enabled

Specifies whether access to resource adapter classes is enabled.

Deploy As A Whole

Specifies whether the resource adapter is deployed as a whole.

If set to true (the default), the resource adapter deployment automatically fails if an error occurs in any outbound connection pool. If set to false, in a resource adapter that is configured with multiple outbound connection pools, deployment succeeds (but in a HEALTH_CRITICAL state) even if an error occurs during the creation or configuration of at least one outbound connection pool.

Note that a resource adapter's health state can be monitored from the adapter deployment's Monitoring > Health page.

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