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JMS Server: Monitoring: Active Connections: Sessions: Consumers

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Use this page to monitor information about a JMS consumer, which receives messages from a JMS queue (QueueReceiver) or topic (TopicSubscriber).

Column Display

You can show fewer or additional data points on this page by expanding Customize this table and modifying the Column Display list. Each data point displays in its own table column.

The following table lists all of the data points that you can display in columns on this page.

Name Description
Destination Name

The fully-qualified name of this destination resource. The destination name is preceded by the parent module name, separated by an exclamation point (!).

MBean Attribute:


Indicates whether the consumer active. A consumer is active if it has a message listener set up or a synchronous receive in progress.

MBean Attribute:


The selector associated with this consumer, if any.

MBean Attribute:


Indicates whether the consumer is durable.

MBean Attribute:

Messages Pending

The number of messages pending (uncommitted and unacknowledged) by this consumer.

MBean Attribute:

Messages Received

The number of messages received by this consumer since the last reset.

MBean Attribute:

Bytes Pending

The number of bytes pending (uncommitted and unacknowledged) by this consumer.

MBean Attribute:

Bytes Received

The number of bytes received by this consumer since the last reset.

MBean Attribute:

Client ID

The client ID for this connection.

MBean Attribute:

Client ID Policy

The ClientIDPolicy on this connection or durable subscriber.

Valid values are:


    : Only one connection that uses this policy exists in a cluster at any given time for a particular ClientID.


    : Connections created using this policy can specify any ClientID, even when other restricted or unrestricted connections already use the same ClientID.

MBean Attribute:

Subscription Sharing Policy

The Subscription Sharing Policy on this subscriber.

MBean Attribute:

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