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Default Identity Asserter: Provider Specific

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Use this page to define the provider specific configuration of this WebLogic Identity Assertion provider.

Configuration Options

Name Description
User Name Mapper Class Name

The name of the Java class that maps X.509 digital certificates and X.501 distinguished names to WebLogic user names.

MBean Attribute:

Trusted Client Principals

The list of trusted client principals to use in CSI v2 identity assertion.

The wildcard character (*) can be used to specify all principals are trusted. If a client is not listed as a trusted client principal, the CSIv2 identity assertion fails and the invoke is rejected.

MBean Attribute:

Use Default User Name Mapper

Uses the user name mapping class provided by WebLogic Server. The default user name mapping class only validates that a certificate has not expired.

If you require additional validation, you need to write your own user name mapping class. Writing your own user name mapping class also allows you to specify what attribute in the subject DN of the certificate is used to map to the user name.

MBean Attribute:

Virtual User Allowed

Determines whether to authenticate Weblogic Server users accessing via identity assertion, which are not represented in the security store.

If this setting is enabled, Weblogic Server users not represented in the security store, will be authenticated. Note that in addition to this attribute, Subject Component mapper classes, which are a type of user name mapper, may disallow virtual users based on the token.

MBean Attribute:

Identity Domain

The name of the identity domain.

MBean Attribute:

Default User Name Mapper Attribute Type

The name of the attribute from the subject DN to use when mapping from the X.509 certificate or X.500 name token to the WebLogic user name.

MBean Attribute:

Default User Name Mapper Attribute Delimiter

The delimiter that ends the attribute value when mapping from the X.509 certificate or X.500 name token to the WebLogic user name.

MBean Attribute:

Digest Replay Detection Enabled

Enables the storage of the digest nonce values used to detect replay attacks.

If this setting is enabled, you must configure a data source to store the nonces for the specified expiration period. WebLogic Server then stores all the nonces from digest authentication attempts for all the machines in the domain. On each digest authentication attempt, the nonce is validated against the stored nonces. If the nonce is present, a replay attack has occurred and the digest authentication attempt fails.

MBean Attribute:

Digest Expiration Time Period

Determines how long digests are valid.

A digest that was created before the specified time will not be valid. This setting impacts how long previous digest values must be stored in the database for use in detecting replay attacks.

MBean Attribute:

Digest Data Source Name

The name of the data source to use for storage digest values. These digest values are used to detect replay attacks.

MBean Attribute:

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