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PKI Credential Mapping Provider: Provider Specific

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This page allows you to configure provider specific attributes for this Key Pair Credential Mapping Provider.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Keystore Provider

Represents a provider for the Java Security API that should be used.

MBean Attribute:

Keystore Type

The provider will generate a keystore object of this type. Default is 'JKS'.

MBean Attribute:

Keystore File Name

Location of the keystore relative to the directory where the server was started.

MBean Attribute:

Keystore Pass Phrase

The Keystore password.

MBean Attribute:

Use Resource Hierarchy

Enables selection of credential mappings by traversing up the resource hierarchy for each type of resource.

MBean Attribute:

Use Initiator Group Names

Enables selection of credential mappings based on the group names of the initiator.

MBean Attribute:

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