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Configure JTA

In WebLogic Server, there are several places that you can set options that affect transaction processing. Most options are set at the domain level and apply to all servers in the domain. Monitoring and logging options for JTA are set for each server. You can also set options on participating resources (such as JDBC data sources), which apply to all instances of the object.

Configuring JTA in your environment may include any of the following

  1. Configure JTA options for the domain. See Configure domain JTA options.
  2. Configure default persistent store options, which houses the transaction log. See Configure the default persistent store for Transaction Recovery Service migration.
  3. Configure transaction options for data sources. See the following:
  4. For a clustered environment, configure transaction recovery service migration options. See Configure candidate servers for Transaction Recovery Service migration.
  5. Configure your domain for inter-domain transactions. See Configure Communication Channels for Transactions.

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