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What's New in This Guide

Part I Introduction

1 Introduction to JAX-RPC Web Services

2 Examples for JAX-RPC Web Service Developers

Part II Developing Basic JAX-RPC Web Services

3 Developing JAX-RPC Web Services

4 Programming the JWS File

5 Understanding Data Binding

6 Developing JAX-RPC Web Service Clients

Part III Developing Advanced Features of JAX-RPC Web Services

7 Invoking a Web Service Using Asynchronous Request-Response

8 Using Web Services Reliable Messaging

9 Creating Conversational Web Services

10 Creating Buffered Web Services

11 Using the Asynchronous Features Together

12 Using Callbacks to Notify Clients of Events

13 Using JMS Transport as the Connection Protocol

14 Creating and Using SOAP Message Handlers

15 Using Database Web Services

A Pre-Packaged WS-Policy Files for Reliable Messaging