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What's New in This Guide

Part I Introduction to Oracle Business Process Composer

1 Introduction to Oracle Business Process Composer

Part II Performing Administrative Tasks Using Oracle Business Process Composer

2 Performing Administrative Tasks

Part III Creating and Working With BA and BPM Projects

3 Creating and Managing BA and BPM Projects

4 Performing Process Analysis and Discovery with Business Architecture

5 Creating and Working with BPM Projects

6 Documenting BPM Projects

Part IV Modeling and Testing Business Processes

7 Creating and Working with Business Processes

8 Simulating Process Behavior

9 Using Process Player

Part V Defining How Users Interact with Your Business Processes

10 Working with Web Forms

11 Working with Web Form Rules

12 Working with Human Tasks

Part VI Handling Data in Your Business Application

13 Working with Data Objects and Data Associations

14 Using Complex Data Types to Define Data Structures

15 Using Expressions to Control Data

16 Tracking Business Data in Your Application

Part VII Implementing and Deploying a BPM Project

17 Using Oracle Business Rules

18 Communicating with Other Processes and Services

19 Deploying a BPM Project

Part VIII Appendices

A BPMN Flow Object Reference

B Web Form and Web Form Control Property Reference

C Web Form Rules Examples

D Preparing Processes for Import into Oracle BPM