2 Use Cases and Tutorials

This chapter provides details about few sample use cases and links to sample tutorials.

This chapter contains the following sections:

2.1 Sample Use Cases

The Oracle Stream Analytics platform targets a wealth of industries and functional areas. The following are some use cases:

  • Telecommunications: Ability to perform real-time call detail (CDR) record monitoring and distributed denial of service attack detection.

  • Financial Services: Ability to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities that exist in millisecond or microsecond windows. Ability to perform real-time risk analysis, monitoring and reporting of financial securities trading and calculate foreign exchange prices.

  • Transportation: Ability to create passenger alerts and detect baggage location in case of flight discrepancies due to local or destination-city weather, ground crew operations, airport security, etc.

  • Public Sector/Military: Ability to detect dispersed geographical enemy information, abstract it, and decipher high probability of enemy attack. Ability to alert the most appropriate resources to respond to an emergency.

  • Insurance: In conjunction with Oracle Real Time Decisions, ability to learn to detect potentially fraudulent claims.

  • IT Systems: Ability to detect failed applications or servers in real-time and trigger corrective measures.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Ability to track shipments in real-time and detect and report on potential delays in arrival.

Look at the video located at the following location for a quick walk through of Oracle Stream Analytics:


2.2 Getting Started with Oracle Stream Analytics

Look at the following videos for a quick run through and tour of the Oracle Stream Analytics application on Oracle Technology Network at: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/complex-event-processing/overview/complex-event-processing-088095.html.

  • Oracle Stream Analytics tour

  • Hands-on exercise.

2.3 Related Products and Solutions

The following is a list of products and solutions related to Oracle Stream Analytics:

  • Oracle Edge Analytics

  • Oracle Coherence

  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

  • Oracle Service Bus

  • Oracle WebLogic Application Grid

  • Oracle WebLogic Suite

  • Oracle Real Time Decisions

  • Oracle Java SE Embedded Suite.