Fusion Middleware Control Help for WebLogic Server

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Domain Partition: Diagnostics: Diagnostic Images: Capture Image

Configuration Options     

Use this page to capture a diagnostic image for the specified partition.

If WebLogic Server is configured with Java HotSpot VM, and Flight Recorder is enabled, by default the diagnostic image capture includes WebLogic Server diagnostic data in a Flight Recorder file, which can be viewed using Java Mission Control.

The volume of data that is produced for the Flight Recorder file in the diagnostic image can be customized. To use this capability, you must enable Flight Recorder and set the WLDF diagnostic volume to Low, Medium, or High.

If WebLogic Server is configured with Java HotSpot, Flight Recorder is disabled by default. For information about how to enable Flight Recorder in a WebLogic Server instance that is configured with Java HotSpot, see Related Topics.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of the server or partition on which you want to capture the diagnostic image.

Destination Directory

The directory where the diagnostic image is saved.


The minimum time that must elapse before a subsequent image capture will be triggered (in the case of a repeated sequence of server failures and recoveries).

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