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Server: Administration: Federation Services: SAML 2.0 Identity Provider

Configuration Options     

Use this page to configure the SAML 2.0 identity provider properties for this server.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Specifies whether the local site is enabled for the Identity Provider role.

MBean Attribute:

Only Accept Signed Authentication Requests

Specifies whether incoming authentication requests must be signed. If set, authentication requests that are not signed are not accepted.

MBean Attribute:

Login Customized

Specifies whether a customized login Web application is used. If you use a customized login Web application, you must specify a login URL. If you do not customize the login, the login URL and login return query parameter are cleared when you save the changes.

MBean Attribute:

Login URL

The URL of the login form web application to which unauthenticated requests are directed.

By default, the login URL is /saml2/idp/login using Basic authentication. Typically you specify this URL if you are using a custom login web application.

MBean Attribute:

Login Return Query Parameter

The name of the query parameter to be used for conveying the login-return URL to the login form web application.

MBean Attribute:

POST Binding Enabled

Specifies whether the POST binding is enabled for the Identity Provider.

MBean Attribute:

Redirect Binding Enabled

Specifies whether the Redirect binding is enabled for the Identity Provider.

MBean Attribute:

Artifact Binding Enabled

Specifies whether the Artifact binding is enabled for the Identity Provider.

MBean Attribute:

Preferred Binding

Specifies the preferred binding type for endpoints of the Identity Provider services. Must be set to None, HTTP/POST, HTTP/Artifact, or HTTP/Redirect.

MBean Attribute:

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