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Server: Monitoring: Environment Monitoring: General

Column Display     Configuration Options     

This page provides general runtime information about this server.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The current life cycle state of this server.

For example, a server can be in a RUNNING state in which it can receive and process requests or in an ADMIN state in which it can receive only administrative requests.

MBean Attribute:

Activation Time

The time when the server was started.

MBean Attribute:

WebLogic Version

The version of this WebLogic Server instance (server).

MBean Attribute:

Java Vendor

Returns the vendor of the JVM.

The vendor of the JVM that this server runs.

system property java.vm.vendor is returned

MBean Attribute:

Java Version

The Java version of the JVM.

MBean Attribute:

OS Name

Returns the operating system on which the JVM is running.

The operating system on which the JVM is running.

MBean Attribute:

OS Version

The version of the operating system on which the JVM is running.

MBean Attribute:

JACC Enabled

Indicates whether JACC (Java Authorization Contract for Containers) was enabled on the commandline for the jvm hosting this server

MBean Attribute:

Target Name

The name of the target for this server instance.

Oracle Home

The root directory for Oracle products in this installation.

Middleware Home

The Oracle Middleware installation directory.

MBean Attribute:

Domain Home

The directory location of this domain.


The IP address of the administration server for this domain.

Column Display

Name Description

The name of a service running in this WebLogic Server instance.


The version identifier for this running service.

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