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Network channels allow you to manage quality of service, meet varying connection requirements, and improve utilization of your systems and network resources.

This Network Channels page displays key information about each network channel that has been configured for this server.

A network channel is a configurable resource that defines the attributes of a network connection to WebLogic Server. For instance, a network channel can define:

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Name Description

The name of the network channel.


The protocol this connection supports.


Indicates whether the server can be reached through the default SSL listen port.

If the administration port is enabled for the WebLogic Server domain, then administrative traffic travels over the administration port and application traffic travels over the Listen Port and SSL Listen Port. If the administration port is disabled, then all traffic travels over the Listen Port and SSL Listen Port.

MBean Attribute:

Secure value: true

Listen Address

The IP address or DNS name this server uses to listen for incoming connections. For example, enter or mymachine, respectively.

Note that the value you specify for the listen address is not the URL to the host machine and it does not include the communication protocol, listen port, or channel.

Servers can be reached through the following URL:


Any network channel that you configure for this server can override this listen address.

If a server's listen address is undefined, clients can reach the server through an IP address of the computer that hosts the server, a DNS name that resolves to the host, or the localhost string. The localhost string can be used only for requests from clients that are running on the same computer as the server.

If you want to limit the valid addresses for a server instance, specify one of the following:

  • IP address. If you provide an IP address, clients can specify either the IP address or a DNS name that maps to the IP address. Clients that specify an IP address and attempt to connect through an SSL port must disable hostname verification.

  • DNS name. If you provide a DNS name, clients can specify either the DNS name or the corresponding IP address.

Do not leave the listen address undefined on a computer that uses multiple IP address (a multihomed computer). On such a computer, the server will bind to all available IP addresses.

Note also that if you are using the demo certificates in a multi-server domain, Managed Server instances will fail to boot if you specify the fully-qualified DNS name. For information about this limitation and suggested workarounds, see "Limitation on CertGen Usage" in Administering Security for Oracle WebLogic Server.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Listen Port

The TCP/IP port at which this server listens for SSL connection requests.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 1

Maximum value: 65535

Public Address

The IP address or DNS name representing the external identity of this network channel. A value of null indicates that the network channel's Listen Address is also its external address. If the Listen Address is null,the network channel obtains its external identity from the server's configuration.

This is required for the configurations which need to cross a firewall doing Network Address Translation.

MBean Attribute:

Public Port

The externally published listen port for this network channel. A value of -1 indicates that the network channel's Listen Port is also its public listen port. If the Listen Port is -1,the network channel obtains its public listen port from the server's configuration.

MBean Attribute:

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