Setting Up Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database on Linux and UNIX

You must perform some prerequisite tasks before setting up Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database data sources.

To set up Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database data sources, first follow the instructions in Configuring TimesTen Data Sources to set up the TimesTen data source. Ensure that you go to the section Configuring Database Connections Using Native ODBC Drivers to obtain the correct steps for Linux and UNIX systems.

Next, review the best practices described in Improving Use of System Memory Resources with TimesTen Data Sources and implement them as needed.

Finally, if the user that starts OBIS1 does not have the path to the TimesTen DLL ($TIMESTEN_HOME/lib) in their operating system LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, or SHLIB_PATH and LIBPATH on HP-UX and AIX, respectively, you must add the TimesTen DLL path as a variable in the file.

  1. Open for editing. You can find at:


  2. Add the required TimesTen variable TIMESTEN_DLL, and also update the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable (or equivalent), as shown below:
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Repeat these steps on each computer that runs the Oracle BI Server process. If you are running multiple Oracle BI Server instances on the same computer, then ensure that you update the ias-component tag appropriately for each instance in, for example, ias-component id="coreapplication_obis1", and ias-component id="coreapplication_obis2".
  5. Restart OBIS1.