Configuring Oracle RPAS ODBC Data Sources on AIX UNIX

You can access Oracle RPAS ODBC data sources when the Oracle BI Server is running on an AIX UNIX platform.

To configure this database connection, first update the odbc.ini file to configure the Oracle RPAS ODBC data source, then use the rdaadmin tool to define dimension tables as not normalized at run time.

See Setting Up Oracle RPAS Data Sources.

  1. Log on as a separate telnet session.

  2. Open the odbc.ini file. You can find this file at:


  3. In the RPAS data source section, edit the values. For example:

    [RPAS Sample]
    Data Source Name=RPAS Sample
    Driver=[client RPASClient/lib/raix/
    Description=OpenRDA DSN

    The Data Source Name you provide must match the value entered for DATABASE in Defining Dimension Tables as Not Normalized in Oracle RPAS ODBC on AIX UNIX. You must add the line DriverUnicodeType=1 as shown in the preceding example.