Creating Group-Level Links

A group-level link defines a master-detail relationship between two data sets.

The following figure shows two data sets with a group-level link defined. Next to the data sets the resulting XML data structure is shown.

  1. In the parent group, click Menu.
  2. Click Create Group Link as shown below.
  3. In the Create Group Link dialog, select the child group and click OK. The Create Link dialog is shown below.
  4. Click Menu and then click Edit Data Set to add the bind variables to your query.

    An example is shown below.

    Data Set: DEPT Data Set: EMP
            DEPT.DNAME as DNAME,
            DEPT.LOC as LOC 
    from    OE.DEPT DEPT
    Select EMP.EMPNO as EMPNO,
            EMP.ENAME as ENAME,
            EMP.JOB as JOB,
            EMP.MGR as MGR,
            EMP.SAL as SAL,
            EMP.COMM as COMM,
            EMP.DEPTNO as DEPTNO 
    from    OE.EMP EMP 
    where   DEPTNO=:DEPTID


    You must define a unique bind variable in the child query.

Deleting Group-Level Links

You can delete both group-level and element-level links between data sets.

  1. In the parent group, click Menu.
  2. Click Delete Group Link.
  3. In the Delete Group Link dialog, select the Child Group from the list and click OK.