About Bursting

Bursting is a process of splitting data into blocks, generating documents for each block, and delivering the documents to one or more destinations.

The data for the report is generated by executing a query once and then splitting the data based on a Key value. For each block of the data, a separate document is generated and delivered.

Using Oracle BI Publisher bursting enables splitting a single report based on an element in the data model and deliver the report based on a second element in the data model. Driven by the delivery element, you can apply a different template, output format, delivery method, and locale to each split segment of the report. Example implementations include:

  • Invoice generation and delivery based on customer-specific layouts and delivery preference.

  • Financial reporting to generate a master report of all cost centers, splitting out individual cost center reports to the appropriate manager.

  • Generation of pay slips to all employees based on one extract and delivered through e-mail.