What is the Bursting Definition?

A bursting definition is a component of the data model. After you have defined the data sets for the data model, you can set up one or more bursting definitions.

When you set up a bursting definition, you define the following:

  • The Split By element is an element from the data that governs how the data is split. For example, to split a batch of invoices by each invoice, you may use an element called CUSTOMER_ID. The data set must be sorted or grouped by this element.

  • The Deliver By element is the element from the data that governs how formatting and delivery options are applied. In the invoice example, it is likely that each invoice has delivery criteria determined by customer; therefore, the Deliver By element would also be CUSTOMER_ID.

  • The Delivery Query is a SQL query that you define for BI Publisher to construct the delivery XML data file. The query must return the formatting and delivery details.