Defining the Split By and Deliver By Elements for a CLOB/XML Data Set

If the split-by and deliver-by elements required for your bursting definition reside in a data set retrieved from a CLOB column in a database, BI Publisher cannot parse the XML to present the elements in the Split By and Deliver By lists.

You therefore must manually enter the XPath to locate each element in the retrieved XML data set. To ensure that you enter the path correctly, use the data model editor's Get XML Output feature to view the XML that is generated by the data engine.

For example, the sample XML code, shown in the figure below, was stored in a CLOB column in the database called "XMLTEXT", and extracted as an XML data set:

For this example, you want to add a bursting definition with split by and deliver by element based on the DEPARTMENT_ID, which is an element within the CLOB/XML data set.

When you add the bursting definition, the Split By and Deliver By lists cannot parse the structure beneath the XMLTEXT element. Therefore, the list does not display the elements available beneath the XMLTEXT node, as shown in the figure below.

To use the DEPARTMENT_ID element as the Split By element, manually type the XPath into the field as shown in the figure below.