E Oracle Forms Utilities and Scripts

This appendix provides information to help Forms configuration customization and FMW integration in the Weblogic Domain.

The following sections are included in this appendix:

Oracle Forms Configuration Helper Script

The Oracle Forms Configuration Helper script (frmconfighelper) helps administrators perform typically complex post install, Forms configuration tasks in a much easier manner. Before using the script, it is assumed that you have successfully installed Oracle Forms 12c and completed its initial configuration using the config.sh or config.bat script. Use of this script is preferred over attempted to make these changes manually.


The Oracle Forms Helper Script is located in the following directory: MW_HOME\forms\provision.

The script includes the following functions:

  • enable_ohs: Enables routing for the location /forms from OHS to the Forms managed server(s) under cluster cluster_forms.

  • deploy_app: Deploys formsapp ear file, overriding the context-root and servlet alias to the specified managed server.

  • update_app: Updates a deployed app (with an overridden context root) after applying FMw Forms Services patches.

  • enable_sso: Enables WebGate configuration in the OHS instance, performs partner application registration and copies the WebGate artifacts to the appropriate location in the OHS instance. The enable_webgate option should not be used when using enable_sso, as it is called implicitly by the enable_sso option.

  • enable_webgate: Used only if partner app is registered via OAM console. This should not be used if enable_sso was previously used.


Make sure to backup the Domain before performing any administration tasks on it using this script.

Table E-1 frmconfighelper script

Option When to use it What it does Components Requiring Restart


After you have run the configuration wizard to configure Forms and an OHS instance in the domain and you want to enable Single Sign-on protection for the Forms applications.

  • Enables OHS-Forms Managed Server routing.

  • Enables Webgate configuration on the OHS instance.

  • Performs partner application registration on the OHS instance.

  • Creates a policy on the OAM server to protect the Forms and Reports application.

  • Admin Server


  • OHS


When you have added any new OHS instances and you want to individually enable Webgate configuration on the OHS instance.

This command should not be used if the enable_sso command was previously used.

Enables Webgate configuration on the OHS instance.

  • Admin Server

  • OHS


After you have run the Config Wizard and, want to deploy the Forms javaEE application again to override the default context-root and the Forms servlet alias.

Example: The default Forms JavaEE application access URL is:


If you override the context-root to sales and Forms Servlet alias to salesservlet, the application access URL will be:


  • Overrides the Forms JavaEE application context-root, Forms Servlet alias and packages the Forms JavaEE application into a new ear file.

  • Deploys the ear file to the Weblogic Domain and activates it the Managed Server.

You need to create the Managed Server before you run deploy_app option.

  • Admin Server

  • Managed Server associated with deployment


When you ran deploy_app option and you want to update the custom application after a patch release.

Updates the JavaEE custom ear file created with deploy_app option after a patch release.

  • Admin Server

  • Managed Server associated with deployment


When you have created a new OHS instance and you want to enable routing to a Forms Managed server.

Adds Managed server routing directives to the template forms.conf, copies it over to the OHS instance.

  • Admin Server

  • OHS

  • Syntax

    frmconfighelper.sh <option> <arguments>

  • Options

    • enable_ohs <domain-home> <ohs-instance> <forms-managed-server1-host> <forms-managed-server1-port> <forms-managed-server2-host> <forms-managed-server2-port>

    • deploy_app <new-context-root> <new-servlet-alias> <managed-server>

    • update_app <Forms-context-root> <Forms-servlet-alias>

    • enable_sso <oam-host> <oam-port> <ohs-host> <ohs-port> <domain-home> <ohs-instance>

    • enable_webgate <domain home> <ohs-instance>

Argument Description

The argument description of each of the functions included in the script are provided in this section.

The details of argument description are as follows:

  • enable_ohs

    • domain-home: Domain Home directory

    • ohs-instance: OHS instance name (example ohs1)

    • forms-managed-server(n)-host: Forms managed server host

    • forms-managed-server(n)-port: Forms managed server port

  • deploy_app or update_app

    • new-context-root: new context root for the formsapp

    • new-servlet-alias: new servlet alias for the formsservlet

    • managed-server: target managed server for the new application

  • enable_sso

    • oam-host: OAM Server host name

    • oam-port: OAM Server port number

    • ohs-host: OHS host name

    • ohs-port: OHS port number

    • domain-home: Domain Home directory

    • ohs-instance: OHS instance name (example ohs1)

  • enable_webgate

    • domain-home: Domain Home directory

    • ohs-instance: OHS instance name (example ohs1)

Examples of each Functions

Follow the examples provided for each of the functions include in the script.

  • enable_ohs

    frmconfighelper.sh enable_ohs /middleware/user_projects/domain/base_domain ohs1 wlshost.example.com 9001 wlshost.example.com 9010
  • deploy_app

    frmconfighelper.sh deploy_app sales salesservlet WLS_FORMS3
  • update_app

    frmconfighelper.sh update_app sales salesservlet
  • enable_sso

    frmconfighelper.sh enable_sso oamhost.example.com 7001 ohshost.example.com 7777 /middleware/user_projects/domain/base_domain ohs1
  • enable_webgate.

    frmconfighelper.sh enable_webgate /middleware/user_projects/domain/base_domain ohs1