A Oracle Data Integrator Components

The Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) distribution incudes several products and feature sets.

The ODI distribution contains the products and feature sets described in Table A-1. Unless otherwise noted, all products and feature sets are available with both the Standalone Installation and the Enterprise Installation types.

Table A-1 Oracle Data Integrator Components and Features

Product Feature Set Description

Oracle Data Integrator features


The ODI Software Development Kit (SDK) is a Java API for performing run-time and design-time operations.

ODI Studio

Oracle Data Integrator Studio is used for administering the infrastructure (security and topology), reverse-engineering the metadata, developing projects, scheduling, operating and monitoring executions.

ODI Standalone Agent

The standalone agent runs as its own process and is deployed in a domain as a system component.

It can be configured in a standalone domain and managed by WebLogic Management Framework, or it can be colocated in a WebLogic domain and managed by Fusion Middleware Control.


This is the Java EE agent, which is a Java EE application that is deployed and runs on a Managed Server configured in a WebLogic domain.

This feature set is only available with the Enterprise Installation type.

ODI Standalone Agent Template

This template provides the domain files required when your Oracle Data Integrator installation is not being managed by Oracle WebLogic Server.

This feature set is only available with the Standalone Installation type.

ODI Console

Oracle Data Integrator Console is a web-based console available for different types of users.

Internal Features

Apache Ant

This is a software tool used for automating build processes.

FMW Upgrade

This is the upgrade assistant that can be used to upgrade your 11g Oracle Data Integrator software to 12c.

For more information, see Upgrading Oracle Data Integrator from 11g in Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrading Oracle Data Integrator.


The OPatch utility is a tool that allows the application and rollback of interim patches to Oracle products.

Repository Creation Utility

The Repository Creation Utility (RCU) is used for creating database schemas.

This feature set is included with the Standalone Installation type. The Enterprise Installation type does not include RCU since Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure is a requirement and RCU is included with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure distribution.