What's New In Oracle Data Integrator?

This chapter describes changes in the Oracle Data Integrator documentation organization introduced with Oracle Data Integrator 12c (

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For details about new and changed features in Oracle Data Integrator, see "What's New in Oracle Data Integrator?" in Administering Oracle Data Integrator.

To improve the organization of information about Oracle Data Integrator, three new books have been added to the ODI documentation library:

  • Understanding Oracle Data Integrator: This book presents introductory and conceptual information about ODI, including ODI terminology, architecture, typical integration project designs, and ODI environments.

  • Administering Oracle Data Integrator: This manual describes how to perform configuration and user management tasks in ODI. This includes configuring ODI components, performing basic administrative tasks, running and monitoring integration processes, and managing security in ODI.

  • Oracle Data Integrator Tool Reference: This guide describes how to use and develop Open Tools using ODI to design integration scenarios.

Several chapters and many topics previously found in the Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator 12c (12.1.2) have been moved into these new books. Customers familiar with previous versions of the ODI developer documentation may find useful the following table, which provides the new locations of topics that have been moved to other books in the ODI library.

Topic New Location
What's New in Oracle Data Integrator? Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator Understanding Oracle Data Integrator
Administering Repositories Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Setting Up the Topology Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Managing Agents Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Creating and Using Data Services Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Running and Monitoring Integration Processes Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Managing Security Settings Administering Oracle Data Integrator
Oracle Data Integrator Tools Reference Oracle Data Integrator Tool Reference