16 Customizing Content Categorizer

This chapter provides information about the customization of Content Categorizer, an optional component that is automatically installed with Oracle WebCenter Content. When enabled, Content Categorizer suggests metadata values for documents being checked into Oracle WebCenter Content Server.

16.1 About Content Categorizer

Content Categorizer suggests metadata values for new documents being checked into Content Server, and for existing documents that may or may not already have metadata values. These metadata values are determined according to search rules provided by the System Administrator.

For Content Categorizer to recognize structural properties, the content must go through XML Conversion (eXtensible Markup Language).

The Content Categorizer Batch utility can search a large number of files and create a Batch Loader control file containing appropriate metadata field values. The Batch utility can also be used to recategorize existing content (already checked into the repository).

16.2 Setting Up and Customizing Content Categorizer for Your Site

To customize Content Categorizer for your site, you can set the XML conversion method, define field properties for the metadata fields, and define search rules for each file type. You can also define your own eXtensible Style Sheet Language Transformations (XSLT) for the XML translation, to accommodate your site's document processing needs.

For details about setting up Content Categorizer and customizing it, see Categorizing and Linking Content in Oracle Fusion Middleware Managing Oracle WebCenter Content.