23 Adding a Mobile Bar Code Reader

This chapter describes how to add a bar code reader for a mobile device.

This chapter includes the following sections:

23.1 About Adding a Mobile Bar Code Reader

You can install bar code scanner software on a mobile device that can be enabled for that functionality. Consult the device documentation for complete details about installing and enabling software on the device.

23.2 Installing Bar Code Scanner Software on a Mobile Device

The following files are needed for installation. Note that Windows Mobile version 5.0 is currently the only supported version:

  1. BarcodeUtilityMobile.cab: Installed with the Physical Content Management (PCM) software and usually found at IntradocDir\ucm\urm\config\MobileEdition. This must be installed on the mobile device.
  2. The following files to be installed on the computer:

23.3 Verifying Installation of the Mobile Bar Code Reader

Depending on the type of device and the software downloaded, usage instructions may vary. Some general instructions for use follow. For details about using default scanner wands and for background information about bar codes, see Using Barcodes in Oracle Fusion Middleware Managing Oracle WebCenter Content.

  1. Start the application on the mobile device.
  2. A login page opens. After logging in, a Direct Scan window opens on the device.
  3. Scan items and click the Process icon.
  4. A Results page opens, showing the effects of scanning.

The following menu options are available from the main menu on the Direct Scan window:

  • Real-time processing: Used to process and immediately upload data.

  • Save transaction code: Used to temporarily save a transaction.

  • Options: Used to set different defaults (for example, upload time out or the application locale).

On the Results page, two different views are available: List, to display a text list of all transactions and Detail, a table list of all transactions.