C Annotations XML Structure

This appendix provides information about the changes in the Annotations XML Structure for imaging in WebCenter Content 12c.

The document content that is moved during migration from Imaging 11g to WebCenter Content 12c is optimized using the following data items:

  • Annotations

    Annotations are created by users while interacting with the 11g Imaging Viewer which is replaced by the WCC ADF UI viewer. The annotation structures are migrated and converted during this upgrade process.

  • Supporting Content

    Supporting Content is generally the output of the OFR (Oracle Forms Recognition) process which generates an XML data file that IPM stored/attached to the IPM document.

The Annotations and Supporting Content files were stored as separate documents within Content Server in 11g, but in the 12c they are moved to the directory-based Attachments mechanism available in Content Server.

In WebCenter Content 12c, the Annotations XML structure has undergone some modifications. For information about the specific changes to the annotations XML structure, see Changes to Annotations XML Structure.

C.1 Changes to Annotations XML Structure

The following table gives an overview of the Annotation XML structure changes in WebCenter Content 12c:

Table C-1 Changes to Annotations XML Structure

Description 11g 12c What has changed

Main Structure




<<Properties as tags>>




<page id="1" ….>

<note <<Properties as attributes>> >



<page id ="2" … >



The structure is now page-wise. 11g structure was a bunch of annotations grouped as a set.

Example of a single Redact Annotation





<createDate>Mon Oct 13 16:06:47 IST 2014</createDate>

<modifiedDate>Mon Oct 13 16:06:53 IST 2014</modifiedDate>





















<redact id="1" permissions="Standard" locX="0.40448114" locY="0.3042292" width="0.058372643" height="0.035925422" bgColor="00,00,00,ff">

<auditEvent id="1" createdBy="weblogic" createdOn="2014-12-10T23:58:39-08:00" type="created"/>

<auditEvent id="2" createdBy="weblogic" createdOn="2014-12-10T23:59:19-08:00" type="modified"/>


Tags used to describe the annotation properties are converted into attributes like 'Opacity', 'bgcolor'.

The startPoint, endPoint tags have are to get 'width', 'height' and 'x,y' co-ordinates.

Note Text in a Note Annotation


<<Other Properties>>





&lt;p style="margin-top: 0"&gt;






<note id="6" permissions="Standard" note="&lt;html>&#xa; &lt;head>&#xa;&#xa; &lt;/head>&#xa; &lt;body>&#xa; &lt;p style=&quot;margin-top: 0&quot;>&#xa; sticky&#xa; &lt;/p>&#xa; &lt;/body>&#xa;&lt;/html>&#xa;"

bgImage="MISC.NOTE" locX="-15.647406" locY="-15.790814" width="32.0" height="32.0" orientation="0" fgColor="00,00,00,ff" bgColor="ff,ff,00,ff">

A change from tags to attribute.

ArrowType in Line Annot


<<Other Properties>>



<line id="2" permissions="Standard" locX="0.3567217" locY="0.049567986" width="0.04304245" height="0.04592997" fgColor="ff,00,00,ff">

<customField name="arrowType" value="NONE"/>

<customField name="lineWeight" value="1"/>



StampType in Stamp Annot


<<Other Properties>> <stampType>APPROVED</stampType>


<stamp id="9" permissions="Standard" bgImage="STAMPS.APPROVED" locX="0.1991342" locY="0.070336394" width="0.15873016" height="0.13455658" orientation="0" fgColor="ff,ff,ff,ff">

The Stamp type was a separate tag and is now replaced by the value in bgImage.