4 Installing Coherence*Web to an Application Server

Coherence*Web is an HTTP session management module dedicated to managing session state in clustered environments. Built on top of Oracle Coherence, Coherence*Web brings Coherence data grid's data scalability, availability, reliability, and performance to in-memory session management and storage.

Coherence*Web can be deployed to many mainstream application servers such as Oracle WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere, and Tomcat. For a complete list of supported application servers, see Supported Web Containers in Administering HTTP Session Management with Oracle Coherence*Web.

This chapter includes the following sections:

4.1 Installing Coherence*Web with WebLogic Server

All of the files which support Coherence*Web are included with the Coherence distribution. If you are using WebLogic Server, then you can install WebLogic Server and Coherence simultaneously. See Planning the Oracle WebLogic Server Installation in Installing and Configuring Oracle WebLogic Server and Coherence.

Once you have installed WebLogic Server and Coherence, you can integrate your applications with Coherence*Web without any further configuration. See Using Coherence*Web with WebLogic Server in Administering HTTP Session Management with Oracle Coherence*Web.

4.2 Installing Coherence*Web with Other Application Servers

Coherence*Web is supported on different application servers, such as IBM WebSphere or Tomcat. The Coherence*Web files are installed as part of the Coherence distribution. However, you must then complete post-installation steps to integrate Coherence*Web with your applications. See Using Coherence*Web on Other Application Servers in Administering HTTP Session Management with Oracle Coherence*Web.