5.2 Starting, Stopping Reports Bridges from the Node Manager using script

The Oracle Reports bridge is used to connect two subnets. It acts as a gateway between Oracle Reports components running in different subnets.

For troubleshooting scenarios and diagnosis, see Appendix D, "Diagnosing Oracle Reports Bridge Problems".

5.2.1 Starting, Stopping, and Restarting the Oracle Reports Bridge from the Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server

To start and stop reports bridge, please use below UNIX commands:

$DOMAIN_HOME/bin/startComponent.sh reports_bridge_name

$DOMAIN_HOME/bin/stopComponent.sh reports_bridge_name

5.2.2 Starting and Stopping the Oracle Reports Bridge from the Command Line

It is recommended that you use WLST to start and stop Oracle Reports components.

You must set the following environment variable before you start or stop the Reports Bridge component:


To start the Oracle Reports bridge from the command line, use the following commands:

On Windows:

rwbridge.bat name=bridgename


rwbridge.sh name=bridgename

For example, to start an Oracle Reports bridge named foo on Windows, use the following command:

rwbridge.bat name=foo

For more information about the rwbridge executable, see Section A.2.7, "rwbridge"

Oracle Reports creates a configuration file, rwbridge.conf when the Oracle Reports bridge is started for the first time. This file is generated based on the settings in the rwbridge.template file and is located in the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/components/ReportsBridgeComponent/<bridge_name>/rwbridge.conf directory. Edit the rwbridge.conf file to specify remote Oracle Reports bridges to connect to other subnets.


You must restart the Oracle Reports bridge for any configuration changes to take effect.

To stop an Oracle Reports bridge, use the following command:

On Windows:

rwbridge.bat name=bridgename shutdown=normal authid=username/password


rwbridge.sh name=bridgename shutdown=normal authid=username/password

For example, to stop an Oracle Reports bridge named foo on UNIX, use the following command:

rwbridge.sh name=foo shutdown= normal authid=scott/tiger

In the configuration file, repbrg_bridgename.conf, modify the identifier element to specify the username/password and set the encrypted attribute to no. This is to indicate that the password is not encrypted. This password will be encrypted once the Oracle Reports bridge is started.

For example:

<identifier encrypted="no">scott/tiger</identifier>

Usage Notes

  • If the identifier element is commented, then it is possible to stop the Oracle Reports bridge without specifying authid

  • It is not possible to stop the Oracle Reports bridge remotely.

See Section, "identifier"