6.10 Managing and Monitoring a Reports High Availability (HA) Solution

Oracle Fusion Middleware consists of many components that can be deployed in distributed topologies. The underlying paradigm used to enable high availability for Oracle Fusion Middleware is clustering, which unites various Oracle Fusion Middleware components in certain permutations to offer scalable and unified functionality, and redundancy should any of the individual components fail. See Section 2.4, "Setting Up a High Availability Environment".

6.10.1 Configuring Reports Server for High Availability

Refer to Section 2.4.3, "Configuring Reports Server for High Availability".

6.10.2 Displaying a Consolidated Job Queue

Refer to Section 6.2.2, "Displaying a Consolidated Job Queue".

6.10.3 Specifying a Shared Cache Directory

To specify a shared cache directory for high availability (HA):

  1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  2. Navigate to the EM MBean browser Weblogic Domain > System MBean Browser.

  3. Navigate to reports server mbean

    Standalone server - oracle.reports.serverconfig:type=ReportsServer,name=rwserver-<componentName>

    Inprocess server - oracle.reportsApp.config:Location=<managedServername>,name=rwserver,type=ReportsApp,Application=reports,ApplicationVersion=

  4. Click child mbean Cache.

  5. In Operations tab use addCacheDirProperty method to enter the path to the shared cache directory for HA and click Invoke.