Fusion Middleware Control Help for WebLogic Server

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Test WebSocket

Configuration Options     

Use this page to test WebSocket endpoints.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The WebSocket endpoint host (the location of the server-side WebSocket component).


The port on which the WebSocket server listens (usually HTTP port 80).

Proxy Host

The name of the proxy server host.

Proxy User

The fully qualified username to be used for proxy server authentication.

Proxy Port

The proxy server port to communicate with the WebSocket.

Proxy Password

The accompanying password to be used for proxy server authentication.


The prefix WS identifies a WebSocket connection. The prefix WSS identifies a WebSocket secure connection.


The relative URI path.

Query Parameters

Add or delete query parameters for this WebSocket endpoint.


The number of milliseconds before the connection times out.


The number of milliseconds before the response times out.

Request Type

The type of data to be transferred.

Response Pattern

If Text is selected as the Request Type, enter the response pattern.

Load Input

Choose a file to use for input.

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