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JMS Server: Control: Active Connections

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Use this page to view and control active connections to this JMS server. A JMS connection represents an open communication channel between an application and the messaging system, and is used to create a session for producing and consuming messages.


Name Description

Destroys server side context for the connection.

MBean Attribute:

Column Display

Name Description

The name of this configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.

MBean Attribute:

Client ID

The client ID for this connection.

MBean Attribute:

Client ID Policy

The ClientIDPolicy on this connection or durable subscriber.

Values are:

  • weblogic.management.configuration.JMSConstants.CLIENT_ID_POLICY_RESTRICTED

    : Only one connection that uses this policy exists in a cluster at any given time for a particular ClientID.

  • weblogic.management.configuration.JMSConstants.CLIENT_ID_POLICY_UNRESTRICTED

    : Connections created using this policy can specify any ClientID, even when other restricted or unrestricted connections already use the same ClientID.

MBean Attribute:

Sessions Current Count

The current number of sessions for this connection.

MBean Attribute:

Sessions High Count

The peak number of sessions for this connection since the last reset.

MBean Attribute:

Sessions Total Count

The number of sessions on this connection since the last reset.

MBean Attribute:

Host Address

The host address of the client JVM as a string.

MBean Attribute:

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