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JMS Server: Monitoring: Paging Store

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Use this page to view runtime statistics for this JMS server's paging store.

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Name Description

The name of this configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.

MBean Attribute:

Paging Physical Read Count

Return the total number of messages that were read from the paging directory since the JMS server was started.

MBean Attribute:

Paging Physical Write Count

Number of times the store flushed its data to durable storage.

MBean Attribute:

Paging Allocated Window Buffer Bytes

The amount of off-heap (native) memory, in bytes, reserved for file store window buffer use.

Applies to synchronous write policies Direct-Write-With-Cache and Disabled but only when the native wlfileio library is loaded. See file store configurable attribute MaxWindowBufferSize for more information

MBean Attribute:

Paging Allocated IO Buffer Bytes

The amount of off-heap (native) memory, in bytes, reserved for file store use.

When applicable, this is a multiple of the file store configurable attribute IOBufferSize. Applies to synchronous write policies Direct-Write and Cache-Flush policies.

MBean Attribute:

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