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Manage security providers

Before you begin

The WebLogic Security Service supports a wide variety of security architectures, including multiple possible security providers.

Before you configure security providers for your WebLogic security realm, you should have a good understanding of how the WebLogic Security Service works and what sort of security architecture you want for your WebLogic environment. See:

Your security architecture can include the default security providers included in WebLogic Server, security providers developed by third parties, or custom security providers you develop yourself. Types of security providers include:


Once you have made a configuration change to a security provider, you cannot invoke management operations (such as configuring a user or a group) until you activate the configuration change. You can override this limitation by enabling Allow Security Management Operations if Non-dynamic Changes have been Made on the Domain: Security: General page. Setting this attribute to true permits users to perform security management operations prior to activating a configuration change made to a security provider. This attribute is reset to false when a new console session begins.

The following topics describe how to configure and manage security providers. The steps you need to take depend on the security architecture you have decided to implement in your security realm.

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