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Contains classes and interfaces for monitoring a WebLogic Server domain. All interfaces in this package are Dynamic Managed Beans (, as defined by the Sun Microsystems, Inc. Java Management Extensions (JMX) 1.0 specification.

In addition, all MBeans in this package extend RuntimeMBean.

WebLogic Server managed resources provide performance metrics and other information about their runtime state through one or more Runtime MBeans. Runtime MBeans are not replicated like Configuration MBeans, and they exist only on the same server instance as their underlying managed resources.

Because Runtime MBeans contain only transient data, they do not save their data in the config.xml file. When you shut down a server instance, all runtime statistics and metrics from the Runtime MBeans are destroyed.

To look up a Runtime MBean:

  1. Use the Helper class to look up on the server instance that hosts the Runtime MBean.

    Alternately, you can use Environment and javax.naming.Context to look up the MBeanHome interface from a server instance's JNDI tree.

  2. Use MBeanHome to retrieve a type-safe stub for the MBean, which makes it appear as though you can invoke an MBean's methods directly.

    Alternately, you can use the interface to look up the RemoteMBeanServer interface or the standard JMX MBeanServer interface. With these interfaces, you use standard JMX techniques for invoking operations on MBeans.

Package Specification

The interfaces in this package implement the Sun Microsystems, Inc. Java Management Extensions (JMX) 1.0 specification to provide open and extensible management services. WebLogic Server adds its own set of convenience methods and other extensions to facilitate working in the WebLogic Server distributed environment.

You can download the JMX 1.0 specification and API documentation from

Related Documentation

For overviews, examples, and guides, please see:

Deprecation of MBeanHome and Type-Safe Interfaces

This package contains type-safe interfaces for WebLogic Server MBeans, which you can import into your client classes and access through As of 9.0, the MBeanHome interface and all type-safe interfaces for WebLogic Server MBeans are deprecated. Instead, client classes that interact with WebLogic Server MBeans should use standard JMX design patterns in which clients use the interface to discover MBeans, attributes, and attribute types at runtime. For more information, see "Developing Manageable Applications with JMX" on

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