1 Introduction to Pixel-Perfect Publishing

This topic introduces the features specific to viewing and scheduling pixel-perfect reports.



You can use Oracle BI Publisher, the pixel-perfect reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all your highly formatted documents, such as operational reports, electronic funds transfer documents, government PDF forms, shipping labels, checks, sales and marketing letters.

The tasks that are available to you depend on the permission that is assigned to you by your administrator. This guide describes how report consumers can view and schedule reports.

Role Sample Tasks


Configure security

Configure system settings

Set up data sources

Configure connections to delivery servers

Configure the scheduler

Diagnose and monitor system processes

Application developer or integrator

Integrate BI Publisher into existing applications using the application programming interfaces

Data Model developer

Fetch and structure the data to use in reports

Report designer

Create report definitions and design layouts

Tasks for Report Consumers

Report consumers can view and schedule reports.

A report consumer performs the following tasks:

  • Run and view reports in real-time from the catalog.

  • Schedule reports to run at selected intervals and to various destinations such as printer, fax, or e-mail.

  • View the history and the saved output of the report job.

System Requirements and Certification

Refer to the system requirements and certification documentation for information about hardware and software requirements, platforms, databases, and other information. Both of these documents are available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

The system requirements document covers information such as hardware and software requirements, minimum disk space and memory requirements, and required system libraries, packages, or patches:


The certification document covers supported installation types, platforms, operating systems, databases, JDKs, and third-party products: