Namespace: AmxNodeChangeResult

Oracle® Fusion Middleware JSDoc Reference for Oracle Mobile Application Framework




<static> NONE

Allows a type handler that is rendered to take no action in response to an attribute change on a non-rendered descendent AMX node.

<static> REFRESH

The type handler is able to handle the change to AMX node and its children AMX nodes and will be able to update DOM in response to a change after a call to the refresh method.

<static> REPLACE

The type handler cannot handle the change. The HTML as well as the node hierarchy should be recreated. This value may only be returned from the updateChildren method on a type handler and cannot be returned from the getDescendentChangeAction method.

<static> RERENDER

The type handler is able to handle the change to the AMX node and its children AMX nodes, but the HTML should only be recreated, there is no need to modify the node hierarchy. The refresh method will not be called on the type handler.


<static> getLabelForValue(result) → {string|null}

Method that may be used for debugging (should not be used for normal usage) to get the label for a constant value
Name Type Description
result int one of the change result values
the label or null if not a valid change result
string | null