1 Installing Mobile Application Framework with JDeveloper

This chapter describes how to install JDeveloper and the Mobile Application Framework (MAF) extension for application development.

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 Prerequisites for Installing the MAF Extension

Before you can develop MAF applications, you must install Oracle JDeveloper and the MAF extension.

The MAF extension provides JDeveloper with the design-time support (wizards, editors, and dialogs) that you use to develop MAF applications in JDeveloper. Ensure you review and satisfy these prerequisites before proceeding with the installation of the MAF Extension.

1.2 Installing the MAF Extension in JDeveloper

After you install Oracle JDeveloper, download and install the MAF extension.

Before you can install the MAF extension, complete these prerequisites:
  • Close any existing MAF applications open in JDeveloper. This ensures that MAF migrates your existing applications to successfully use the new MAF version. Verify that the application no longer appears in the Applications window of JDeveloper. For information about migrating a MAF application, see Migrating Your Application to MAF 2.5.0.

  • Configure proxy settings on your development computer if you are behind a corporate firewall.
    • On Windows, select Tools then Preferences, and then Web Browser and Proxy from the tree on the left of the Preferences dialog.

    • On Mac OS X, select JDeveloper then Preferences, and then Web Browser and Proxy from the tree on the left of the Preferences dialog.

To download and install the MAF extension:
  1. In JDeveloper, select Help then Check for Updates.
  2. On the Select update source page, select Official Oracle Extensions and Updates under Search Update Centers, and then click Next.

    Figure 1-1 Checking for Updates in JDeveloper

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    If you need to install an older version of MAF, download the file from the Update Center and select the Install From Local File option on the Select update source page. Browse and select the MAF extension file that you downloaded to your development computer from the Update Center.
  3. In the Select updates to install dialog, select the Mobile Application Framework update.
  4. On the License Agreements page, review The Oracle Technology Network License Terms for Oracle Mobile, and then click I Agree.

    You must comply with all the license terms and conditions with respect to the Oracle Mobile Application Framework Program. See http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/downloads/index.html.

  5. Click Next, and then click Finish.
  6. Restart JDeveloper.
  7. Check whether MAF has been successfully added to JDeveloper:
    1. Select File, then New and then From Gallery from the main menu to open the New Gallery dialog.
    2. In the Categories tree on the left, select General, then Applications to check if it contains Mobile Application Framework Application.

      Figure 1-2 Verifying MAF Installation

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      Description of "Figure 1-2 Verifying MAF Installation"
  8. Verify whether you have installed the correct version of MAF.
    1. Click Help then About to open the About Oracle JDeveloper dialog.
    2. Click Extensions, and search for Mobile Application Framework in the extension list entries. Review the Version column and verify the version number of the MAF extension.
After you have installed the MAF extension, you need to install other software for the platforms (Android, iOS, or UWP). Subsequent chapters in this guide describe the specific steps for each platform.