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Oracle® Fusion Middleware BPEL Component Guide for Content Server
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E16759-01
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4.2 BPEL Process Information

When a content item enters the workflow and initiates a BPEL process, an identifier is created and stored in the companion data file to identify the related BPEL process. This identifier is stored with the key "conversationId" and can be obtained from the companion data with custom IdocScript in a workflow step event.

4.2.1 IdocScript Functions

The following IdocScript functions are available to use in the workflow event and extra exit condition scripts.

obInvokeProcess[obConfigID] - This function invokes the process as defined in the process configuration.

obIsInstanceClosed[obConfigID, conversationId] - This function returns true if the process as specified by the specified configuration with the given conversation ID has been closed. Closed includes completed and cancelled.

obIsInstanceOpen[obConfigID, conversationId] - This function returns true if the process as specified in the specified configuration and the given conversation ID is open.

obRetrieveStatus[obConfigID, conversationId] - This function returns true if it successfully retrieves information about the process. The data binder has information about the instance title, audit trail, trace and metadata as well as the process instance id and revision tag.