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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Agreement Management Implementation Guide
Release 9.1

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Accommodations, alternate AAIs,
Agreement Adjustment form, 4.5.10
Agreement Adjustments program (P38020)
form, 4.5.10
processing options, 4.5.11
Agreement Committed Quantities form, 4.5.5
Agreement Exchange Ratios form, 4.3.10
Agreement Master program (P38010)
processing options, 4.5.4
Agreement Master program (P38310)
processing options, 4.3.5
Agreement Master Revisions form, 4.3.4
Agreement Penalties program (R38450)
overview, A.1
processing options, A.1.2
Agreement Quantities program (P38011),
Agreement Selection form, 4.4.4
Agreement Statement report, 4.5.8
assign to transactions, 4.4.1
assigning during ship or load confirmation, 4.4.5
assigning manually, 4.4.4
attach a note, 4.2.4
balance statements, 4.5.8
borrow, 2.1.2
by currency amount, 4.2.6
choosing an agreement to assign, 4.4.4
consignment, 2.1.5
creating, 4.3
define values, 4.3.6
defining relationships, 4.3.4
exchange, 2.1.1
exchange ratios,, 4.3.10
extending agreements, 4.2.2
loan, 2.1.2
managing, 4.5
price overrides, 4.3.6
processing overview, 4.1
product sources, 4.3.8
quantities, 4.3.6
renewing agreements, 4.2.2
revising, 4.2.1
setup, 3.1
storage, 2.1.6
throughput, 2.1.4
time frames, 4.3.9
tonne per tonne, 2.1.3
types of, 2.1
Amounts, enter on agreements,
Assigning agreements
during load confirmation,
setup, 3.3
usage, 4.4.1
Assigning loans or borrows during load confirmation, 4.4.5, 4.4.6
Automatic accounting instructions
alternate AAIs for loan or borrow agreements,
setting up, 3.6
Automatic Accounting Instructions (P40950), 3.6.3


Balance information,
Balance Statement program (R38400)
form usage, 4.5.8
processing options, 4.5.9
Balance Statement Report, 4.5.8, 4.5.8
Borrow Agreement
defined, 2.1.2
foreign depot, 4.4.1, 4.4.5
Bulk stock movements, requirements for agreements,


Calculation penalties, A.1.2.1
Choosing an agreement to assign, 4.4.4
Close an agreement, 4.2.3
Confirm Shipments program (P4205), 3.4, 4.4.5
Consignment agreements, 2.1.5
Cost rules, 4.3.6
Creating adjustments,
Creating an agreement, 4.3
Currency amount agreements, 4.2


Defining agreement relationships,
Defining agreement values,
Defining items and destinations,
Defining product source, 4.3.8
Defining time frames, 4.3.9
Destinations, define,
Direct ship order,


Electronic Data Interchange,
Enter an agreement
item, 4.3.6
Exchange agreement, 2.1.1
Exchange ratios,, 4.3.10
Extending an agreement, 4.2.2


Foreign depot
assign borrow agreements, 4.4.5
on borrow agreements, 4.4.1
setting load confirmation processing option, 3.4
Foreign depots, 4.4.1


integration, system, 1.2
Integrations to agreement management, 3.2
Items, enter on agreements, 4.3.6


Load confirmation
processing option, 3.4
usage, 4.4.5
Loan agreement, 2.1.2
Loan or borrow agreement
defined, 2.1.2
write accommodations,


Master Maintenance tables, 2.2


Notes, attach to agreements, 4.2.4


Online Balance Inquiry program (P38300),
Online Statement program (P38300)
form, 4.5.5
processing options, 4.5.6
Online statements,
overview of system, 1.1


P38010 program,, 4.3.5, 4.5.4
P38011 program,
P38020 program, 4.5.10
P38300 program,, 4.5.5
P38350 program, 4.5.7
P40950 program, 3.6.3
P4205 program, 3.3, 3.4, 4.4.5
P4915 program, 3.4
P49640 program, 3.3, 3.4, 3.4
Penalty report dates, A.1.2.3
Price overrides, 4.3.6
Printing balance statements, 4.5.8
Purchase Orders
processing options, 3.3,
requirements for agreements,


Quantities, enter on agreements, 4.3.6
Quantity control, activate,


R38400 program, 4.5.8
R38450 program, A.1
Relationships, agreement, 4.3.4
Renewing an agreement, 4.2.2
Reviewing balance information,
Reviewing penalties, A.1
Revising an agreement, 4.2.1


Sales Order
processing option, 3.3
requirements for agreements,,
Scheduling, 4.3.9
Setting up agreement selection or assignment, 3.3
Setup user defined codes, 3.5
Ship confirmation, 3.4
Shipment Confirmation program (P4205), 3.3
Source locations, define for agreements, 4.3.8
Statements, Balance, 4.5.8
Stock movements,
Storage agreements, 2.1.6
system integration, 1.2
system overview, 1.1


Throughput agreement, 2.1.4
Time frames, defining, 4.3.9
Tonne per tonne agreements, 2.1.3
Transaction Ledger program (P38350), 4.5.7
Transaction processing tables, 2.2.2,
assign agreements to, 4.4.1
assigning agreements manually, 4.4.4
choosing an agreement to assign, 4.4.4
Transfer orders, 3.3,
Transportation Load Confirmation form (P49640), 3.4
Transportation Load Confirmation program (P49640), 3.3, 3.4


User defined codes, setup, 3.5


Work With Shipments program (P4915), 3.4
Write accommodations indicator, alternate AAIs for,