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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Homebuilder Management Implementation Guide
Release 9.1.x

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Account Master (F0901), 1.3.4
Account Master table (F0902),
activity rules
action types, 3.4.1
overview, 3.4.1
rule types, 3.4.1
After Start Purchasing Maintenance form, 8.3.4
After Start Purchasing table (F44H711P), 8.3.1, B.1
alternate tax rate/area
bid contracts, 5.3
extra purchase orders,
supplier on the fly,
takeoffs, 5.3
areas, 4.4.1
assigning suppliers, 5.10.4
overview, 4.1
Auto Voucher program (R44H702), 5.7.8
Auto Voucher report (R44H701), 9.3.1
automatic voucher processing, 9.3.1


Backlog report (R44H5003), A.2.3
Base House Cost by Plan report (R44H6003), A.2.9
Bid Contract Price Variance report (R44H6001), A.2.7
bid contracts
entering detail information, 5.5.6
entering header information, 5.5.5
overview, 5.2, 5.5.1
Bid Copy report (R44H601C), 5.6.1, 5.6.3
bid copying, 5.6.1
Bid Detail Revisions form, 5.5.6
Bid Detail table (F44H611), 5.5.1, 5.6.1, B.1
Bid Form/Contract Confirmation report (R44H6002), A.2.8
Bid Header Revisions form, 5.5.5
Bid Header table (F44H601), 5.5.1, 5.6.1, B.1
Bid Supplier Comparison report (R44H6007), A.2.12
generating workfile records, 7.3.2
budget only bids, 5.5.1
budgets, 8.1
Business Interface Integration Objects, 1.5
business processes, 1.2
Business Unit Master (F0006), 1.3.4
buyer information, 6.4.3


Cancel Sale form, 6.5.5
Cancellations/Transfers report (R44H5005P), A.2.5
Closing Journal Completed form, 6.8.6
Closing Worksheet Accounting Instruction (P44H590), 3.6.1
Closing Worksheet Accounting Instructions table (F44H590), B.1
Closing Worksheet Data Mapping program (P44H599), 3.6.5
Closing Worksheet Data Mapping table (F44H599), B.1
Closing Worksheet Entries program (P44H591), 6.8.1, 6.8.4
Closing Worksheet Entries table (F44H591), B.1
Closing Worksheet Extended Data Mapping table (F44H592), 3.6.1, 6.8.1
Closing Worksheet form, 6.8.5
closing worksheets, 3.6.1, 3.6.5, 6.8.1
extending data mapping, 3.6.6
setting up templates, 3.6.4
commitment document types, 3.3.1
commitment status,
creating from external purchase orders, 8.1
creating from extra purchase orders, 8.1
creating subcontracts in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement, 8.1
overview, 8.1, 8.1
communities, 4.5.1
assigning multiple lots, 4.7.6
copying options, 4.10.9
overview, 4.1
pro forma, 4.11.1
Community Master (P44H101), 4.6.1
Community Master program (P44H101), 4.5.1, 4.5.4
Community Master report (R44H1001), A.2.1
Community Phase Master table (F44H101), 3.4.1, B.1
Community Plan Maintenance form, 4.9.5
community pro forma, 4.11.1
Community ProForma form, 4.11.4
Community ProForma program (P44H102), 4.11.1
Community Revisions form, 4.5.5
configuration list, 7.1
Configuration List report (R44H6001), A.2.15
constants, 3.3.1
construction activity rules, 3.4.1
contracts, 6.9.1
selecting a contract, 6.4.4
cost code templates, 4.8.1
overview, 2.4.1
UDCs, 2.3
Copy Community Options form, 4.10.9
cost codes templates, 4.8
Create Journal Entries program (R51444),
Customer Information Revisions form, 6.4.4


data mapping, 3.6.5
Data Mapping Maintenance, 3.6.5
Detail Sales Status (Mylar) report (R44H5002), A.2.6


elevations, 4.1
Enter Bids program (P44H601), 5.5.1, 5.5.4
extended data, 3.5.1
in a sales record, 6.7.1
mapping, 3.6.6
extended data heading, 3.5.5
extended data template, 3.5.4
Extended Homebuilder Data Heading table (F44H0921), B.1
Extended Homebuilder Data table (F44H0929), B.1
Extended Homebuilder Data Template table (F44H0920), B.1
Extended Job Master (F5108), 1.3.4
external purchase orders, 8.4.3
overview, 8.4.1
extra purchase orders
creating lot commitments, 8.3.4
overview, 8.3.1
Extra Purchase Orders program (P44H703), 8.3.1, 8.3.3


F0006 table, 1.3.4
F0901 table, 1.3.4
F0902 table,
F4301 table, 8.1
F4311 table, 8.1, 9.1
F44H001 table (Homebuilder Constants), B.1
F44H0011 table (Homebuilder Constants Lot Start Documents), B.1
F44H002 table (Homebuilder Activity Rules), B.1
F44H0920 table (Extended Homebuilder Data Template), B.1
F44H0921 table (Extended Homebuilder Data Heading), B.1
F44H0929 table (Extended Homebuilder Data), B.1
F44H101 table, 3.4.1
F44H101 table (Community Phase Master), B.1
F44H201 table (Lot Master), B.1
F44H201H table, 3.4.1
F44H301 table (Plan Master), B.1
F44H401 table, 3.6.1, 6.8.1
F44H401 table (Option Master), B.1
F44H402 table (Option Packages), B.1
F44H4101 table, 5.7.1
F44H4101 table (Item Master Homebuilder Extension), B.1
F44H501 table, 3.4.1, 3.6.1, 3.7,, 6.8.1
F44H501 table (Sales Master), B.1
F44H501H table (Sales Master History), B.1
F44H511 table (Option Selections), B.1
F44H511H table (Option Selection History), B.1
F44H590 table (Closing Worksheet Accounting Instructions), B.1
F44H591 table (Closing Worksheet Entries), B.1
F44H592 table, 3.6.1, 6.8.1
F44H599 table (Closing Worksheet Data Mapping), B.1
F44H601 table, 5.5.1, 5.6.1
F44H601 table (Bid Header), B.1
F44H602 table, 5.9.2
F44H602 table (Takeoff Master File), B.1
F44H602H table (Takeoff History File), B.1
F44H603 table, 5.7.1
F44H603 table (Material Item Pricing), B.1
F44H604 table, 5.10.1
F44H604 table (Supplier Assignment), B.1
F44H604W table, 5.10.1
F44H611 table, 5.5.1, 5.6.1
F44H611 table (Bid Details), B.1
F44H711 table, 7.3.1, 8.3.1
F44H711 workfile, 7.4.1, 8.4.3
canceling or deleting transactions, 7.4.2
creating lot commitments from extra purchase orders, 8.3.4
F44H711P table, 8.3.1
F44H711P table (After Start Purchasing), B.1
F5108 table, 1.3.4
field purchase orders, 8.3.1
field purchase orders extra purchase orders, 8.3.1
After Start Purchasing Maintenance, 8.3.4
Bid Detail Revisions, 5.5.6
Bid Header Revisions, 5.5.5
Cancel Sale, 6.5.5
Closing Journal Completed, 6.8.6
Closing Worksheet, 6.8.5
Community Plan Maintenance, 4.9.5
Community ProForma, 4.11.4
Community Revisions, 4.5.5
Copy Community Options, 4.10.9
Customer Information Revisions, 6.4.4
Data Mapping Maintenance, 3.6.5
HomeBuilder Activity Rules - Revisions, 3.4.5
HomeBuilder Constants Revisions, 3.3.5
House Revisions, 6.5.4
Item Maintenance, 5.7.4
Item Master Revisions, 5.7.5
Item Price Maintenance, 5.7.7
Item Price Revisions, 5.7.8
Lot Master Maintenance, 4.7.6
Lot Master Revisions, 4.7.5
Lot Start Documents Revisions, 3.3.6
Lot Workbench, 7.2.5
Maintain Extended Data Headings, 3.5.5
Maintain Extended Data Mapping, 3.6.6
Maintain Extended Homebuilder Data Template, 3.5.4
Mass Update of Closing Worksheet AAIs, 3.6.4
Option Cost Detail, 4.10.8
Option Revisions, 4.10.6
Phase Maintenance, 4.6.4
Plan Master Revision, 4.9.6
Quick Customer/Contact Add, 6.4.3
Sales Workbench, 6.3.4
Select Extended Data Type, 3.8.2
Select Option Package Components, 4.10.7
Select Options, 6.4.7
Select Plan, 6.4.5
Supplier Assignment Maintenance, 5.10.4
Takeoff Change Maintenance, 5.9.7
Takeoff History, 5.9.8
Takeoff Maintenance, 5.9.6
Transfer Buyer, 6.6.3
Work with After Start Purchasing, 8.4.3
Work with HomeBuilder Commitments, 9.2.3
Work with Lot Master, 4.7.7
Work with Lot Start Workfile, 7.4.7, 7.4.8
Work with Options, 4.10.5


Generate Homebuilder Commitments report (R44H7113), 8.1


supplier assignment,
HomeBuilder Activity Rules - Revisions form, 3.4.5
Homebuilder Activity Rules program (P44H002), 3.4.4
Homebuilder Activity Rules table (F44H002), B.1
Homebuilder Constants Lot Start Documents table (F44H0011), B.1
Homebuilder Constants program (P44H001), 3.3.1
HomeBuilder Constants Revisions form, 3.3.5
Homebuilder Constants table (F44H001), B.1
Homebuilder Extended Data (P44H092), 3.5.3
Homebuilder Management conversion
overview, 2.1
House Revisions form, 6.5.4
HUD1 statement, 6.8.1


individual options, 4.10.1
with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost, 3.7
with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Service Management, 3.8, 6.9.1
Integration, 1.5
Item Maintenance form, 5.7.4
Item Master Homebuilder Extension table (F44H4101), 5.7.1, B.1
Item Master Revisions, 5.7.5
Item Price Copy report (R44H603C), 5.8.1
item price copying, 5.8.1
Item Price List by Supplier Report (R44H6009), A.2.14
Item Price Maintenance form, 5.7.7
Item Price Revisions form, 5.7.8
item prices
adding prices for multiple items, 5.7.7
adding prices for single items, 5.7.8
overview, 5.7.1
entering multiple, 5.7.4
entering single, 5.7.5
overview, 5.7.1


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable, 1.3.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Accounting, 1.3.1
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Homebuilder Management
product overview, 1.1
system integration, 1.3
tables, B
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost, 1.3.4, 3.7
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement, 8.1
creating records in the F4301 and F4311 tables, 8.1
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement Management, 1.3.3
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Service Management, 1.3.5
integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Homebuilder Management, 3.8
setting up extended data, 3.8.2
job master records, 4.5.1
Job Status Inquiry program (P512000), 7.2.1
journal entries, 6.8.6


lot configuration, 6.4.1
Lot Master History table (F44H201H), 3.4.1
Lot Master Maintenance form, 4.7.6
Lot Master program (P44H201), 4.7.1, 4.7.4
Lot Master Revisions form, 4.7.5
Lot Master table (F44H201), B.1
Lot Start Documents Revisions form, 3.3.6
Lot Start process, 3.7, 4.8
overview, 7.1
trade codes, 5.10.1
Lot Start process Lot Start Workfile Generation (R44H700), 7.3.1
Lot Start Workfile
overview, 7.4.1
Lot Start Workfile (F44H711), 7.3.1, 8.3.1
record status,
Lot Start Workfile (F44H711)workfiletransactions, 7.4.2
Lot Start Workfile Generation report (R44H700), 7.3.1
Lot Start Workfile Review program (P44H711), 7.4.1
Lot Workbench form, 7.2.5
Lot Workbench program (P44H200A), 3.4.1, 7.2.1
assigning multiple lots to a community, 4.7.6
configuring a lot, 6.4.1
master records, 4.7.1
overview, 4.1, 4.7.1
processing a sale, 6.1
releasing for sale, 4.7.7
reviewing information, 7.2.5
sales information, 6.3.4
sales transfers, 6.6.1
selecting options, 6.4.7
lots lot configuration, 6.4.1


Maintain Extended Data Headings form, 3.5.5
Maintain Extended Data Mapping form, 3.6.6
Maintain Extended Homebuilder Data Template form, 3.5.4
Mass Update of Closing Worksheet AAIs form, 3.6.4
Material Item Maintenance program (P44H600), 5.7.1, 5.7.3
Material Item Pricing program (P44H603), 5.7.1, 5.7.6
Material Item Pricing table (F44H603), 5.7.1, B.1


national purchasing, 1.2, 4.4.1
next numbers, 3.2
Next Numbers program (P0002), 3.2
notice to proceed, 7.1


Option Cost Analysis by Option report (R44H6006), A.2.11
Option Cost Analysis report (R44H6004), A.2.10
Option Cost Detail form, 4.10.8
Option Master Maintenance (P44H401), 4.10.1
Option Master program (P44H401), 4.10.4
Option Master table (F44H401), 3.6.1, 6.8.1, B.1
option package, 4.10.1
Option Packages table (F44H402), B.1
Option Revisions form, 4.10.6
Option Selection History table (F44H511H), B.1
Option Selections program (P44H501), 6.4.6
Option Selections table (F44H511), B.1
option type,
options, 4.10.1
configuring a lot, 6.4.1
copying, 4.10.9
overview, 4.1, 4.10.1
packages, 4.10.7
setting up, 4.10.6
updating option cost detail, 4.10.8


P0002 program, 3.2
P0004A program, 4.4.1,
P0411 program, 9.1
P44H001 program, 3.3.1
P44H101 program, 4.5.1, 4.6.1
P44H102 program, 4.11.1
P44H200A program, 3.4.1, 7.2.1
P44H201 program, 4.7.1
P44H301 program (Plan Master), 4.9.1
P44H401 program, 4.10.1
P44H500 program, 4.7.1, 6.3.1
P44H590 program, 3.6.1
P44H591 program, 6.8.1
P44H599 program (Closing Worksheet Data Mapping), 3.6.5
P44H600 program, 5.7.1
P44H601 program, 5.5.1
P44H602 program, 5.9.1
P44H603 program, 5.7.1
P44H604 program (Supplier Assignment), 5.10
P44H702 program, 9.1, 9.2
P44H703 program, 8.3.1
P44H711 program (Lot Start Workfile Review), 7.4.1
P512000 program, 7.2.1
package component, 4.10.1
Phase Maintenance form, 4.6.4
phases, 4.1, 4.6.1
Plan Master Conversion program (R44H9301), 4.8.1
Plan Master program (P44H301), 4.9.1, 4.9.4
Plan Master Revision form, 4.9.6
Plan Master table (F44H301), B.1
assigning to a community, 4.9.5
overview, 4.1, 4.9.1
revising, 4.9.6
presale houses, 6.4.1
pro forma communities, 4.11.1
processing options
Auto Voucher program (R44H702), 9.3.4
Backlog report (R44H5003), A.2.3
Base House Cost by Plan report (R44H6003), A.2.9
Bid Contract Price Variance report (R44H6001), A.2.7
Bid Copy (R44H601C), 5.6.3
Bid Form/Contract Confirmation report (R44H6002), A.2.8
Cancellations/Transfers report (R44H5005P), A.2.5
Closing Worksheet Entries (P44H591), 6.8.4
Community Master (P44H101), 4.5.4
Community Master report (R44H1001), A.2.1
Configuration List report (R44H6001), A.2.15
Detail Sales Status (Mylar) report (R44H5002), A.2.6
Enter Bids (P44H601), 5.5.4
Extra Purchase Orders (P44H703), 8.3.3
Generate Homebuilder Commitments (R44H7113), 8.2.3
Homebuilder Activity Rules program (P44H002), 3.4.4
Homebuilder Extended Data (P44H092), 3.5.3
Item Price Copy (R44H603C), 5.8.3
Lot Master (P44H201), 4.7.4
Lot Start Workfile Generation (R44H700), 7.3.6
Lot Start Workfile Review (P44H711), 7.4.6
Lot Workbench program (P44H200A), 7.2.4
Material Item Maintenance (P44H600), 5.7.3
Material Item Pricing (P44H603), 5.7.6
Option Cost Analysis report (R44H6004), A.2.10
Option Master (P44H401), 4.10.4
Option Selections program (P44H501), 6.4.6
Plan Master (P44H301), 4.9.4
Projected Closings report (R44H5004), A.2.4
Sales Workbench program (P44H500), 6.3.3
Simulated Takeoff Detail List (R44H6005), 5.11.3
Supplier Assignment program (P44H604), 5.10.3
Takeoff Master Maintenance (P44H602), 5.9.5
Takeoff Summary program (P44H602S), 5.9.9
Voucher Workbench program (P44H702), 9.2.2
Weekly Sales report (R44H5001), A.2.2
procurement programs, 5.1
Progress Payment Entry program (P0411), 9.1
Projected Closings report (R44H5004), A.2.4
Purchase Order Detail File (F4311), 8.1, 9.1
Purchase Order Header (F4301), 8.1
Purchase Order Print report (R44H6008), A.2.13
purchase orders, 7.1


Quick Customer/Contact Add form, 6.4.3


R44H6005 report (Simulated Takeoff Detail List), 5.11.1
R44H601C report, 5.6.1
R44H603C report (Item Price Copy), 5.8.1
R44H700 report, 7.3.1
R44H701 report, 9.3.1
R44H702, 5.7.8
R44H7113 report, 8.1
R44H9301 program, 4.8.1
R51444 program,


adding buyer information, 6.4.3
canceling, 6.5.5
closing, 6.8.1
configuring a lot, 6.4.1
entering information, 6.5.4
journal, 6.8.6
overview, 6.5.1
processing a sale, 6.1
releasing a lot, 4.7.7
selecting a contract, 6.4.4
selecting a plan and elevation, 6.4.5
selecting options, 6.4.7
transferring a sale, 6.6.1, 6.6.3
sales activity rules, 3.4.1,
sales cancellations, 6.5.2
sales closing
closing worksheet, 6.8.5
creating journal entries, 6.8.6
overview, 6.8.1
Sales Master History table (F44H501H), B.1
Sales Master table (F44H501), 3.4.1, 3.6.1, 3.7,, 6.8.1, B.1
Sales Workbench form, 6.3.4
Sales Workbench program (P44H500), 4.7.1, 6.3.1, 6.3.3
Select Extended Data Type form, 3.8.2
Select Option Package Components form, 4.10.7
Select Options form, 6.4.7
Select Plan form, 6.4.5
Simulated Takeoff Detail List (R44H6005), 5.11.3
Simulated Takeoff Detail List report (R44H6005), 5.11.1
specification homes, 6.4.1
supplier assignment
overview, 5.10.1
Supplier Assignment Maintenance form, 5.10.4
Supplier Assignment program (P44H604), 5.10, 5.10.3
Supplier Assignment table (F44H604), B.1
Supplier TBD assignment
overview, 7.4.3
assigning trade codes, 5.10.1
system integration, 1.3
system setup, 3


Takeoff Change Maintenance form, 5.9.7
Takeoff History File table (F44H602H), B.1
Takeoff History form, 5.9.8
takeoff items, 5.7.1
Takeoff Maintenance form, 5.9.6
Takeoff Master File (F44H602), 5.9.2
Takeoff Master File table (F44H602), B.1
Takeoff Master Maintenance program (P44H602), 5.9.1
Takeoff Summary
overview, 5.9.2
Takeoff Summary program (P44H602S), 5.9.9
entering information, 5.9.6
generating workfile records, 7.3.2
overview, 5.2, 5.9.1
reviewing history, 5.9.8
revising quantities, 5.9.7, 7.4.11
closing worksheets, 3.6.4
cost codes, 4.8
trade codes
Lot Start process, 5.10.1
Transfer Buyer form, 6.6.3
turnkey building, 5.2


UDC table (00/05), 4.4.1
UDCs, 3.1
conversion, 2.3
user defined codes, 3.1
User Defined Codes program (P0004A), 4.4.1,
user defined codes UDCs, 2.3


Vendor Assignment table (F44H604), 5.10.1
Vendor Assignment Workfile (F44H604W), 5.10.1
voucher processing, 9.1
Voucher Workbench program (P44H702), 9.1, 9.2
processing options, 9.2.2
multiple commitments, 9.2.3
processing vouchers automatically, 9.3.1


Weekly Sales report (R44H5001), A.2.2
overview, 4.2
using the data selection hierarchy, 7.3.2
Work with After Start Purchasing form, 8.4.3
Work with HomeBuilder Commitments form, 9.2.3
Work with Lot Master form, 4.7.7
Work with Lot Start Workfile form, 7.4.7, 7.4.8
Work with Options form, 4.10.5
workbench, 1.1
Workfile Generation table (F44H711), B.1
workfile transactions
canceling, 7.4.7
canceling or deleting transactions, 7.4.2
deleting, 7.4.8
placing transactions on hold, 7.4.9
releasing transaction holds, 7.4.10