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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Functionality for Mobile Devices Implementation Guide
Release 9.1

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add button, 1.3
ADF Mobile, 1.2.1, Glossary
approving expense reports,, 5.4
approving purchase orders, 6.2
approving requisitions, 7.2
attachments, 7.1.4
audit role, 5.1.6


budget checking and approval, 6.1.4
business services, Glossary
expense management, A.1
ExpenseReportManager (JP09E000), 2.2
InventoryManager (JP410000), 2.2
methods, Glossary
MobileSalesOrderManager (JP42M000), 2.2
ProcurementManager (JP430000), 2.2
properties, Glossary
purchase order approval, A.2
requisition self service, 7.1.2, A.3
RequisitionSelfServiceManager (JP43E010), 2.2
sales inquiries, 8.1.2, A.4


Capital Asset Manager (JP130000), A.1, A.4, A.4
charts, 5.1.1
clear button, 1.3
common terms, Glossary
Configuration, 4.1
Configuring Android Devices, 4.3
Configuring Apple Devices, 4.2
Configuring Log In Information, 4
CreditCardTransactionQueryProcessor (J09E0004), A.1.5


data flows
expense management, 5.1.4
purchase order approval, 6.1.2
requisition self service, 7.1.2
sales inquiries, 8.1.2
service time entry, 9.1.3
default search criteria, 8.2
document types, 6.1.4


editing expense reports,, 5.6
editing requisitions, 7.1.4
entering a summary expense, 5.5.2
entering expense report,
entering expense reports, 5.5
entering split expenses, 5.5.3
expand button, 1.3
expense management
approving reports, 5.4
business services, A.1
charts, 5.1.1
configuring, 5.2
data flows, 5.1.4
editing expense report,
editing reports, 5.6
entering a report,
entering reports, 5.5
expense category attributes, 5.2.2
overview, 5
prerequisite knowledge and data requirements, 5.1.5
rejecting reports, 5.4
review and approve,
search for reports, 5.3
searching for reports,
setup, 5.2
solution assumptions and constraints, 5.1.6
split expenses, 5.5.3
summary expenses, 5.5.2
versioning, 5.1.5
ExpenseManagementEmployeeProfileQueryProcessor web service operation (J09E0002), A.1.2
ExpenseManagementPolicyProcessor (J09E0007), A.1.8
ExpenseReportAttachmentsProcessor, A.1.10
ExpenseReportAttachmentsQueryProcessor, A.1.9
ExpenseReportManager (JP09E000), 2.2
ExpenseReportProcessor (J09E0005), A.1.6
ExpenseReportQueryProcessor (J09E0001), A.1.1
ExpenseReportRecordReservation (J09E0006), A.1.7
ExpenseReportWorkflowProcessor (J09E0003), A.1.4


favorites, 1.2.4
filter button, 1.3


getCalculatedAvailability (J4100007), A.4.3
getItemBranchSearch (J4100060), A.4.5
getItemPrice (J4100040), A.4.4
getItemSearch (J4100050), A.4.6
getMobileSalesOrderDetail (J42M00020), A.4.2
getMobileSalesOrderHeader (J42M0010), A.4.1
getPurchaseOrderCounts (J4300070), A.2.2
getPurchaseOrderDetailForApprover (J4300050), A.2.4
getPurchaseOrderEmployeeProfile (J4300060), A.2.1
getPurchaseOrdersForApprovers (J4300040), A.2.3
glossary, Glossary
See charts


home button, 1.3


interface, 1.3
introduction to mobile applications, 1
InventoryManager (JP410000), 2.2
item availability, availability,
item pricing,


J0000080, 3.1.1
J09E0008, A.1.9
J09E0009, A.1.10
JP130000 (Capital Asset Manager), A.1, A.4, A.4
justification remarks, 7.1.4


languages, 1.2.3
line-level approvals, 6.1.4
Log In Configuration, 4.1
lookupJobCost (J5100001), A.1.12
lookupWorkOrders (J4800001), A.1.11


M0001 (Mobile Menu), 3.1
M09E2011 (Mobile Expense Entry), 2.1
M09E2011 (Mobile Expense Management), 5.1.5, 5.2.1
M4200010 (Mobile Sales), 2.1, 8.1.3
M43081 (Mobile Purchase Order Approval),
M43081 (Mobile Purchase Order Approvals), 2.1
M43E82 (Mobile Requisition Approvals), 2.1
methods, Glossary
mobile applications
expense management, 5
interface, 1.3
overview, 1.2
setup favorites, 1.2.4
setup versioning, 2.1
Mobile Configuration program (P98950M), 2.1
mobile devices, 1.2.2
Mobile Expense Entry (M09E2011), 2.1
Mobile Expense Management (M09E2011), 5.1.5, 5.2.1
Mobile Menu (M0001), 3.1
Mobile Menu Data Flow, 3.1.1
Mobile Purchase Order Approvals (M43081), 2.1
Mobile Purhcase Order Approval (M43081),
Mobile Requisition Approvals (M43E82), 2.1
Mobile Sales (M4200010), 2.1, 8.1.3
Mobile Solutions Screen, 3.1
MobileSalesOrderManager (JP42M000), 2.2


next button, 1.3


P98950M (Mobile Configuration program), 2.1
phones, 1.2.2
previous button, 1.3
processPurchaseOrderApproveReject (J4300080), A.2.5
processRSSApproveReject (J43E0080), A.3.3
ProcurementManager (JP430000), 2.2
published business services
Capital Asset Manager (JP130000), A.1, A.4, A.4
purchase order approval
budget checking and approval, 6.1.4
business services, A.2
data flow, 6.1.2
document types, 6.1.4
line-level approvals, 6.1.4
overview, 6.1
prerequisite knowledge and data requirements, 6.1.3
rejecting orders, 6.2
reviewing and approving, 6.2
solution assumptions and constraints, 6.1.4


record reservation, 5.1.6
rejecting expense reports, 5.4
rejecting purchase orders, 6.2
rejecting requisitions, 7.2
remove button, 1.3
requisition self service
approving requisitions, 7.2
attachments and justification remarks, 7.1.4
business services, 7.1.2, A.3
data flows, 7.1.2
editing requisitions, 7.1.4
overview, 7.1
prerequisite knowledge and data requirements, 7.1.3
rejecting requisitions, 7.2
reviewing requisitions, 7.2
solution assumptions and constraints, 7.1.4
RequisitionSelfServiceManager (JP43E010), 2.2
restore button, 1.3
retrieving expense reports, 5.1.6
reviewing purchase orders, 6.2
reviewing requisitions, 7.2
See requisition self service
RSSApproverQueryProcessor(J43E0050), A.3.1
RSSDetailQueryProcessor(J43E0060), A.3.2


sales inquiries
business services, 8.1.2, A.4
data flows, 8.1.2
default search criteria, 8.2
inquiring on item availability, 8.3.2
inquiring on item pricing, 8.3.3
inquiring on sales orders, 8.3
item availability,
item availability search criteria, 8.2.2
item pricing,
item pricing search criteria, 8.2.3
overview, 8.1
prerequisite knowledge and data requirements, 8.1.3
searching, 8.2
solution assumptions and constraints, 8.1.4
versioning, 8.1.3
save button, 1.3
search expense reports,, 5.3
service time entry assumptions and constraints, 9.1.5
service time entry data flows, 9.1.3
setup, 2.1
shortcuts, 1.2.4
split expenses, 5.5.3
subledger field, 5.1.6
subtype field, 5.1.6
summary expense, 5.5.2
supported devices, 1.2.2
supported languages, 1.2.3
supported phones, 1.2.2


translation packs, 1.2.3


UDC value retrieval, 5.1.6


versioning, 2.1, 8.1.3
expense management, 5.1.5


web services
see business services
workflow, 2.3