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adding all columns, 4.3.12
adding new One View reports, 5.1
ad-hoc reporting, 1.1


BI Publisher
integrations with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, 1.1
Interactive Viewer, 2.4
Layout Editor, 5.1
release, 4.5, 4.6
report layouts, 2.3
blank numeric data, 4.7


capital asset management
One View Equipment License/Permit Inquiry (P13500), 12.3
One View Equipment Location Inquiry (P13230), 12.6
One View Equipment Status Inquiry (P13400), 12.2
One View PM Analysis (P13570), 12.5
One View Work Order Analysis (P13560), 12.4
Aging - Detailed,
Aging - Summary,
Completed PMs,
Completion Timeliness - Detailed,
Completion Timeliness - Summary,
Equipment by Location,
Equipment Location Analysis,
Equipment Status Analysis,
Equipment Status Analysis by Manufacturer,
Equipment Status Analysis by Parent Equipment,
Equipment Status Analysis by Product Model,
Equipment Status by Product Family,
Equipment Status History by Location,
Estimated vs. Actual Cost - Detailed,
Estimated vs. Actual Cost - Summary,
Estimated vs. Actual Hours - Detailed,
Estimated vs. Actual Hours - Summary,
Expiring/Expired Equipment Licenses and Permits Analysis,
Load - By Assigned To,
Load - By Failure,
Location by Equipment,
Overdue PMs,
Planned vs. Actual,
PM Key Metrics Analysis,
Statistics - Detailed,
Statistics - Summary,
Upcoming PMs,
Work Order Metrics Analysis,
column masks, 4.5.3,
updating to BI Publisher, 4.5.2
column title naming convention, 4.3.5,, 4.4.2
adding all columns to a personal report, 4.3.12
adding selected columns, 4.3.11
removing all columns, 4.3.14
removing selected columns, 4.3.13
personal report, 4.3.8
shared report,
copying report with sample data,


Data Browser
and One View Reporting, 1.2.2
data dictionary item naming convention, 4.3.5,
sync report to, 4.3.10
sync reports to, 4.4.2
data model, 2.3
removing columns, 4.7
save report with new data model, 4.3.6
decimal formatting
activating, 4.5
updating, 4.5.2
deleting personal reports,, 4.3.15
drill back, 4.6
drill back url
creating, 4.6.2
deleting, 4.6.4
drill back link composer, 4.6.1
modifying, 4.6.3


edit layout icon,
editing layouts,
embedded BI Publisher, 1.1


feature authorizations, 4.1
financial management
One View Account Balance Inquiry (P09217), 6.2
One View Customer Ledger Inquiry (P03B2022), 6.3
One View Customer Receipt/Draft Inquiry (P03B720), 6.4
One View G/L Inquiry (P09219), 6.1
One View Supplier Ledger Inquiry (P042022), 6.5
One View Supplier Payment Inquiry (P04720), 6.6
Account Balance Analysis,
Account Balance Trend,
A/R Write-Offs,
Budget vs. Actual by Business Unit,
Business Unit Detail,
Customer Account Balance Analysis,
Customer Balance,
G/L Account Balances,
G/L Transactions Analysis,
G/L Transactions by Account,
G/L Transactions by Customer and Business Unit,
Gross Profit,
Open Invoices,
Open Invoices with Aging,
Open Vouchers,
Payment Analysis,
Payment Discounts,
Payment Trends,
Payments Due Within 30 Days,
Payments Overdue,
Q1 Sales by Store for Region,
Receipt Analysis,
Receipt History Trend,
Receipt Transactions,
Supplier Account Balance Analysis,
Transaction Volume by Pay Item,
Trial Balance,


health and safety incident management
one view environmental incident inquiry (P54HS250), 17.5
one view incident equipment inquiry (P54HS240), 17.4
one view incident people inquiry (P54HS230), 17.3
one view incident summary inquiry (P54HS220), 17.2
one view safety statistics inquiry (P54HS260), 17.6
calculated columns,
calculated columns used by the incident impact rates report,
calculated columns used by the monthly incident safety statistics report,
calculated columns used by the safety statistics by incident type report,
calculated columns used by the safety statistics for reportable cases report,
calculated grid columns,,
detailed injury/illness summary,
environmental incidents,
incident attributes,
incident costs,
incident impact rates,
incidents involving people,
monthly incident safety statistics,
motor vehicle summary report,
non-motor vehicle summary report,
operator/driver summary report,
property/equipment summary report,
reportable injury/illness summary,
safety statistics by incident type,
safety statistics for reportable cases,
summary of injured people,
special processing in the calculated grid columns,,
special processing in the header,
understanding incident frequency rates and incident impact rates,
human capital management
One View Canadian Tax History Inquiry (P7713), 7.3
One View DBA History Detail Inquiry (P071902), 7.6
One View Employee Address Book Inquiry (P080110), 7.1
One View Employee Benefits Inquiry (P08234), 7.7
One View Employee Profile Inquiry (P080120), 7.8
One View Pay History Detail Inquiry (P071862), 7.5
One View PDBA History Inquiry (P07146), 7.4
One View Tax History Inquiry (P07136), 7.2
401K Report,
Active Enrollment,
Balance Due,
Canadian Tax History by Quarter,
Canadian YTD Pay and Tax Register,
DBA History Analysis,
Earnings by Business Unit,
Earnings by Pay Type,
Emergency Contact Information by Supervisor,
Emergency Contacts,
Employee and Participant Active Enrollment,
Employee Benefits Analysis,
Employee Compensation Review,
Employee Enrollment Snapshot,
Employee Profile Analysis,
Employee Roster,
Employee Roster with Address,
Employee Seniority Report,
Employees by Country,
Enrollment Demographics,
Health and Welfare,
Leave Trend,
Overtime Pay,
Pay History Analysis,
Social Security and Medicare Tax by Quarter,
Tax History by Quarter,
Wage Attachments,
Year-to-Date 401K Report,
Year-to-Date PDBA Summary History,
YTD Pay and Tax Register,


add all columns,
copy report,,,
delete report,,
edit layout,
promote report,,
remove all columns,
reserve report,
save as report,
sync report,,
for personal report, layout tab,
for personal reports, report definition tab,
for shared reports, report definition tab,
Interactive Viewer, 2.4
viewing all records, 4.7
One View Average Cost Analysis from Item Ledger Inquiry (P41270), 8.1
One View Inventory Cost Analysis by Item As Of Inquiry (P41272), 8.3
One View Inventory Valuation Analysis Inquiry (P41271), 8.2
One View Item Usage Trace Inquiry (P41273), 8.4
Average As Of Cost Analysis,
Average As Of Cost by Item and Branch Plant,
Average As Of Cost by Item and Fiscal Year,
Average As Of Cost by Location and Lot,
Average Cost Analysis,
Average Cost Analysis by Branch Plant,
Average Cost Analysis by Lot Serial Number,
Average Cost Analysis by Month/GL Date,
Inventory Valuation Analysis,
Inventory Valuation by Branch Plant,
Inventory Valuation by Item,
Inventory Valuation by Location,
Item Usage Trace Analysis,
Item Usage Trace by Item and Date,
Item Usage Trace by Item Branch,
Item Usage Trace by Week,


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne report components, 5.1


Layout Editor, 5.1
viewing output types, 4.7
layout tab, 3.3.1
for personal report, 4.3.2
for shared report, 4.4.1


Manage Reports
on One View menu, 4.1
One View Manufacturing Dispatch Inquiry (P48280), 13.2
One View Planning Analysis Inquiry (P48290), 13.3
One View Work Order Cost Analysis Inquiry (P48270), 13.1
Calculated Actual Variance,
Calculated Engineering Variances,
Calculated Planned Variance,
Calculated Variance Analysis,
Messages by Buyer,
Messages by Planner,
Messages by Planning Family,
Open Work Orders by Item Number,
Open Work Orders by Operation Status,
Open Work Orders by Work Center,
Work Order Labor by Operation Status Analysis,
row and column masks, 4.5.3
Mobile Applications, 12.1
Mobile Applications for Health and Safety, 12.1
modifying One View reports
introduction, 4.1
modifying reports
modifying personal reports, 4.3
modifying shared reports, 4.4
options, 4.1
shared and personal report differences, 4.1
tips, 4.7


naming convention
column title, 4.3.5
data dictionary item name, 4.3.5
for reports, 4.3
sync report to data dictionary item naming convention,,


One View menu
Manage Reports, 4.1
One View Reporting
and Data Browser, 1.2.2
benefits of, 1.2
key features, 2.1
overview, 1.2
security, 4.1
One View Reporting applications, 1.2.1, 3.4
One View reports
adding, 5.1
components of, 2.3
data model, 2.3
defining data for, 3.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne components, 5.1
layouts, 2.3
modifying, 4.1, 4.3
naming guidelines, 4.3
Oracle BI Publisher components, 5.1
output types, 2.4
personal, 2.2
report definition, 2.3
running, 3.1
shared, 2.2
Oracle BI Publisher
integrations with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, 1.1
Interactive Viewer, 2.4
Layout Editor, 5.1
report layouts, 5.1
output types, 2.4
descriptions of,


P03B2022, 6.3
P03B720, 6.4
P042022, 6.5
P04720, 6.6
P07136, 7.2
P07146, 7.4
P071862, 7.5
P071902, 7.6
P080110, 7.1
P080120, 7.8
P08234, 7.7
P09217, 6.2
P09219, 6.1
P13230, 12.6
P13400, 12.2
P13500, 12.3
P13560, 12.4
P13570, 12.5
P15260, 14.1
P41270, 8.1
P41271, 8.2
P41272, 8.3
P41273, 8.4
P42270, 9.1
P42271, 9.2
P42272, 9.3
P42273, 9.4
P43260, 10.1
P43261, 10.2
P43263, 10.4
P43264, 10.5
P43265, 10.6
P43266, 10.7
P43267, 10.8
P46270, 18.1
P46271, 18.2
P46273, 18.4
P46L272, 18.3
P48270, 13.1
P48280, 13.2
P48290, 13.3
P49270, 16.1
P49271, 16.2
P51220, 11.1
P54HS220, 17.2
P54HS230, 17.3
P54Hs240, 17.4
P54HS250, 17.5
P54HS260, 17.6
P7713, 7.3
personal report
adding all columns, 4.3.12
adding selected columns, 4.3.11
copying, 4.3.8
creating from existing report, 4.3.1
deleting, 4.3.15
description, 4.3.5
modifying, 4.3
promoting to shared report,, 4.3.9
removing all columns, 4.3.14
removing selected columns, 4.3.13
report definition tab, 4.3.5
save report option, 4.3.6
personal reports, 2.2
pivot tables, 4.5
One View Backordered Items Not Received Inquiry (P43264), 10.5
One View Purchase Order Inquiry (P43261), 10.2
One View Purchase Order Receipts Inquiry (P43260), 10.1
One View Purchase Order Vouchers Payment Inquiry (P43263), 10.4
One View Requisition Self Service Inquiry (P43267), 10.8
One View Simple Procurement Inquiry (P43265), 10.6
One View Subcontract Inquiry (P43262), 10.3
One View Supplier Cost Analysis Inquiry (P43266), 10.7
Backordered Items Not Received Analysis,
Backordered Items Not Received by Fiscal Period,
Backordered Items Not Received by Item,
Backordered Items Not Received by Supplier,
Blanket Order Inquiry by Supplier,
Cost Analysis by Item,
Cost Analysis by Supplier,
Cost Variance by Purchase Order History,
Discount Analysis by Supplier,
Expected PO Receipts by Fiscal Period,
Expected PO Receipts by Item,
Expected PO Receipts by Supplier,
PO Voucher Payment Inquiry by Fiscal Period,
PO Voucher Payment Inquiry by Item,
PO Voucher Payment Inquiry by Supplier,
PO Voucher Payment Schedule Analysis,
Purchase Order Analysis,
Purchase Order History by Fiscal Period,
Purchase Order History by Item,
Purchase Order History by Supplier,
Purchase Order Receipts Analysis,
Quantity Analysis by Fiscal Period,
Quantity Analysis by Item,
Quantity Analysis by Supplier,
Received Not Vouchered by Company,
Received Not Vouchered by Fiscal Period,
Received Not Vouchered by Item,
Received Not Vouchered by Supplier,
Requisition Orders by Item and Requester,
Requisition Orders by Requester and Supplier,
Requisition Self Service Analysis,
Retained Amount Analysis,
Retained Amount Analysis by Fiscal Period,
Retained Amount Analysis by Subcontractor,
Retained Amount Analysis by Supplier,
Simple Procurement Analysis,
Simple Procurement Inquiry by Fiscal Period,
Supplier Cost Analysis,
project costing
One View Job Inquiry (P51220), 11.1
Earned Value,
Job Status,
Labor Unit Analysis,
Work in Progress,
promoting personal reports,, 4.3.9


queries, 3.2.1


real estate
One View Property Inquiry (P15260), 14.1
Approaching Vacancy Review,
Occupancy Analysis,
Tenant Analysis,
Tenant Rent Roll - Rent Steps,
Tenant Rent Roll - Retail,
Vacancy Report,
removing all columns, 4.3.14
removing selected columns, 4.3.13
report definition, 2.3
report definition icons
for shared reports,
report definition tab
for personal report, 4.3.5
for shared report, 4.4.2
report layouts
in BI Publisher, 5.1
report naming guidelines, 4.3
report statuses, 4.3.5
report types
shared and personal, 4.3.5
reserving a shared report,, 4.4.4
row masks, 4.5.3,
updating to BI Publisher, 4.5.2
running One View reports
from Data Browser, 3.6
from EnterpriseOne standard or custom applications, 3.5
from One View Reporting applications, 3.4.1
runtime options, 3.3


One View Historical Sales Inquiry (P42271), 9.2
One View Open Sales Inquiry (P42270), 9.1
One View Sales Price Inquiry (P42273), 9.4
One View Sales to Date Inquiry (P42272), 9.3
Average Historical Sales Report,
Commitment Report,
Customer Price List Report,
Customer Sales Report,,
Historical Sales Analysis,
Item Price List Report,
Item Sales Report,
Open Customer Report,
Open Items Report,
Open Sales Analysis,
Opportunity Trends Report,
Price Comparison by Region Report,
Sales Price Analysis,
Sales Profit Report,
Sales to Date Analysis,
Status Report,
Top Customers Report,
Total Historical Sales Report,
save report option, 4.3.6
feature authorizations, 4.1
shared report
description, 4.3.5
modifying, 4.4
report definition icons,
report definition tab, 4.4.2
reserving,, 4.4.4
syncing to data dictionary naming convention, 4.4.5
shared reports, 2.2
sync report to data dictionary item naming convention,, 4.3.10,,


transportation management
One View Transportation Load Inquiry (P49271), 16.2
One View Transportation Shipment Inquiry (P49270), 16.1
Load Bulk Volume by Shipment Depot and Date,
Load Distance by Shipment Depot and Carrier,
Load Freight by Planning Depot,
Load Payable Freight by Carrier and Planning Depot,
On Time Shipments by Shipment Depot,
Packaged Load Analysis,
Shipment Analysis,
Shipment Depot totals by Year and Month,
Shipment Freight Charges by Shipment Depot,
Shipment Value by Shipment Deport Report,
Vehicle Utilization by Planning Depot,


warehouse management
One View License Plate Quantities Inquiry (P46L272), 18.3
One View Warehouse Location Inquiry (P46273), 18.4
One View Warehouse Request Inquiry (P46270), 18.1
One View Warehouse Suggestion Inquiry (P46271), 18.2
License Plate Quantities Analysis,
Warehouse Location Usage,
Warehouse Location Velocity,
Warehouse Pick Request Analysis,
Warehouse Putaway Request Analysis,
Warehouse Replenishment Request Analysis,
Warehouse Request Summary,
Warehouse Suggestion Productivity,
Warehouse Utilization,