PeopleSoft Hosted PeopleBooks. This site features the HTML install of our 9.0, 9.1, 8.49, 8.50, 8.51, 8.52 and 8.53 online help, as well as the current Glossary of PeopleSoft Enterprise Terms.
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Use the links to view the PeopleBooks and PeopleBook Update List for each Oracle PeopleSoft product line:
+ Campus Solutions (CS) Campus Solutions Release 9.0 (CS) up to and including Bundle 24/AF Jan 2012
+ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Customer Relationship Management Release 9.0 (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management Release 9.1 (CRM) (Update List 06/29/2012)
PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management 9.2 Online Help (CRM)

+ Enterprise Learning Management (ELM)Enterprise Learning Management Release 9.0 (ELM)
Enterprise Learning Management Release 9.1 (ELM) (Update List 03/30/2012)
PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management 9.2 Online Help - Revision 2

+ Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)Enterprise Performance Management Release 9.0 (EPM)
Enterprise Performance Management Release 9.1 Rev 2 - December 2013 (EPM) (Update List 12/27/2013)

+ Financials Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Financials Supply Chain Management Release 9.0 (FSCM)
Financials Supply Chain Management Release 9.1 Feature Pack - January 2012 (FSCM) (Update List 01/17/2012)
PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.2 Online Help (through Update Image 5)

+ Human Capital Management (HCM)Human Resources Management System Release 9.0 (HRMS)
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.1 Feature Pack 2 - March 2012 (HCM) (Update List 03/02/2012)
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.2 Online Help (through Update Image 5)

+ PeopleTools (PT)PeopleTools Release 8.49 (PT)
PeopleTools Release 8.50 (PT) (Update List 09/09/2010)
PeopleTools Release 8.51 (PT) (Update List 10/28/2011)
PeopleTools Release 8.52 (PT) (Update List 06/21/2013)
PeopleTools Release 8.53 Online Help (PT) (Update List 06/21/2013)

+ Portal Solutions (PS) Portal Solutions Release 9.0 (PS)
PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1 Online Help - Revision 2 (PS) (updated 03/22/2013)

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  Content Updates  
  Content for releases 9.1/8.50 and higher will also feature a regular update schedule, thus allowing you to access up-to-date PeopleBooks.
This will reduce the need to rely on multiple PeopleBook update documents that are typically posted on My Oracle Support.
By accessing the Hosted PeopleBook library, you will have the most current release of PeopleBook content.
* We provide a PeopleBook Update List for each product line, outlining the updates made within each PeopleBook.
  Linking to Hosted PeopleBooks from Your Application's Context-Sensitive Help.  
  View the simple steps to set up the context-sensitive help, including Universal Linking.  
  Universal Linking, introduced in 2010, is a feature which enables the Hosted PeopleBooks system to search through one or more PeopleSoft product lines and return context sensitive help from all available resources. You can link directly to the PeopleBook Library for your product line and release and access the content using your PeopleSoft application help functionality. View the simple steps to set up the context-sensitive help, including Universal Linking.  
  Mobile Note  
  Deprecation Notice for PeopleTools Mobile technology and Mobile Agent  
  Crystal Note  
  Tech Update - Oracle Modifies Business Objects Enterprise and Crystal Reports Licensing for PeopleSoft Enterprise HTML Documentation  
  PeopleSoft Video Feature Overview  
  PeopleSoft Install and Upgrade
Resource Site
  Use this link to access the site for documentation and related files to help in your install and upgrade project.  
  Glossary of PeopleSoft Enterprise Terms.  
  Tech Updates are posted on a regular basis. Announcements may contain news about new certifications,
end of support or third party retirement notices as well as any other platform related information.
  * We will also offer updated installable PeopleBooks and PDFs (through OSDC and OTN respectively) to those who have secure firewall issues and cannot link to an outside website. The Hosted and Updated installable PeopleBooks will be available in English only.  
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