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JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable Guide
Release A9.3

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D Functional Servers

This appendix contains these topic:

D.1 About Functional Servers

Several JD Edwards World programs access functional servers. The purpose of functional servers is to provide a central location for standard business rules about entering documents, such as vouchers, invoices, and journal entries. These business rules establish the following:

The advantages of a functional server are:

To set up business rules for an entry program

The steps for setting up business rules for an entry program are:

  1. Create a DREAM Writer version for a specific functional server program (for example, XT0411Z1 for voucher entry).

  2. Set the processing options within the version according to your company requirements.

  3. Specify the version you want the entry program to use in the processing options for that entry program.

You can have all your entry programs use the same DREAM Writer version (and thus, use the same rules) or you can set up different DREAM Writer versions. JD Edwards World provides DREAM Writer version ZJDE0001 as the default functional server version for your entry programs.


Only the person responsible for system-wide setup should make changes to the functional server version. For more information about how to set up DREAM Writer versions, see the JD Edwards World Technical Foundation Guide.

D.1.1 Example: Voucher Processing Functional Server

The following programs use the voucher processing functional server. JD Edwards World provides two demo versions of the functional server, ZJDE0001 and ZJDE0002.

  • Speed Voucher Entry (P040015)

  • Standard Voucher Entry (P04105)

  • Void Payment Entry (P4704103)

  • Credit Tied to Debit Bill (P041010)

  • Multi-Voucher (P041017)

  • Calculate Withholding (P04580)