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Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Documentation


Welcome to Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Documentation Library. Enterprise Manager Ops Center is Oracle's comprehensive system management solution for managing the physical and virtual operating systems, servers, and storage devices in your data center. It simplifies operations by centralizing and automating the costly and painful life-cycle management tasks associated with running your infrastructure. You can provision, update, monitor, and manage the physical and virtual managed assets in one or more of your data centers from a single console, regardless of where the asset is located. With its end-to-end lifecycle management and built-in integration with My Oracle Support, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center dramatically improves the efficiency of IT operations.

Oracle® Enterprise Manager Licensing Information.

Getting Started

Installation and Administration

  • Quick Start Guide HTML PDF
  • Installation Guide for Oracle Solaris Operating System HTML PDF
  • Installation Guide for Linux Operating Systems HTML PDF
  • Administration Guide HTML PDF

BULLETIN: New Ports and Protocols

This document contains the latest information on the ports and protocols that Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center uses and supersedes the information that appears in the Installation Guides, Security Guide, and Feature Reference Guide.
Oracle Enterprise Manager Ports and Protocols

BULLETIN: Management Access Point Authentication Failure
Revised: See Bulletin: Management Access Point Authentication Failure for details and resolution.

BULLETIN: High Availability Proxy Controller Limitations

Enterprise Controller High Availability does not include the co-located Proxy Controller. Data from the co-located Proxy Controller is not migrated to the new active Enterprise Controller node.

12.1.4 Release

See What’s New in This Release? to learn what is new and improved in 12.1.4.
See About this Library to learn where information is located in the library.
Download a zip file of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c ( library: zip (117 MB)

12.2 Release is Available

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Release 2 (12.2) includes support for new hardware and enhancements to existing functionality, including Oracle VM Server for SPARC and changes to OS provisioning. See the 12.2 documentation library for What's New in 12.2.
Before you upgrade, review the 12.2 Release Notes and Readme, then see the Upgrade Guide for instructions on upgrading the software to 12c Release 2.