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Packaging and Delivering Software With the Image Packaging System in Oracle® Solaris 11.2
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Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 IPS Design Goals, Concepts, and Terminology

Chapter 2 Packaging Software With IPS

Chapter 3 Installing, Removing, and Updating Software Packages

Chapter 4 Specifying Package Dependencies

Chapter 5 Allowing Variations

Chapter 6 Modifying Package Manifests Programmatically

Chapter 7 Automating System Change as Part of Package Installation

Chapter 8 Advanced Topics For Package Updating

Avoiding Conflicting Package Content

Renaming, Merging and Splitting Packages

Renaming a Single Package

Merging Two Packages

Splitting a Package

Obsoleting Packages

Preserving Packaged Editable Files that Migrate

Preserving Unpackaged Files

Moving Unpackaged Files on Directory Removal

Packaging the Directory Separately

How to Preserve a Directory After Content Uninstall

Sharing Content Across Boot Environments

Existing Shared Content in Oracle Solaris

Delivering Content to a Shared Area

How to Enable Your Application to Use a Shared Area

How to Migrate Unshared Content to a Shared Area

Delivering a File That Is Also Delivered by Another Package

Delivering Multiple Implementations of an Application

Attributes of Mediated Links

Specifying Mediated Links

Best Practices for Mediated Links

Chapter 9 Signing IPS Packages

Chapter 10 Handling Non-Global Zones

Chapter 11 Modifying Published Packages

Appendix A Classifying Packages

Appendix B How IPS Is Used To Package the Oracle Solaris OS

Preserving Unpackaged Files

By default, unpackaged content is automatically salvaged to /var/pkg/lost+found when the containing directory is no longer referenced by any installed package. This section shows how to implement the following alternatives: