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Securing Systems and Attached Devices in Oracle® Solaris 11.2
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Chapter 1 Managing Machine Security

Chapter 2 Protecting Oracle Solaris Systems Integrity

Using Verified Boot

Verified Boot and ELF Signatures

Verification Sequence During System Boot

Policies for Verified Boot

Enabling Verified Boot

SPARC: How to Enable Verified Boot on SPARC Systems With Oracle ILOM Verified-Boot Support

How to Enable Verified Boot on Legacy SPARC Systems and x86 Systems

How to Manage Certificates on Systems With Oracle ILOM Verified-Boot Support

How to Manually Verify the elfsign Signature

About Trusted Platform Module

Initializing TPM on Oracle Solaris Systems

How to Check Whether the TPM Device Is Recognized by the Operating System

SPARC: How to Initialize TPM Using the Oracle ILOM Interface

x86: How to Initialize TPM Using BIOS

How to Enable PKCS #11 Consumers to Use TPM as a Secure Keystore

Troubleshooting TPM

Chapter 3 Controlling Access to Systems

Chapter 4 Controlling Access to Devices

Chapter 5 Virus Scanning Service

Security Glossary


Using Verified Boot

Malicious programs can pass information to third parties as well as alter the behavior of Oracle Solaris. Although third-party modules are typically non-malicious, they might violate policies that control site changes. Therefore, the system also needs protection from unauthorized installation of these modules.